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5 Modern Baby Projects from YarnCraft Episode #43

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5 Modern Baby Projects from YarnCraft Episode #43

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Expecting a little bundle of joy? Have a friend, child, or sibling who is? You’ll want to listen to the latest episode of YarnCraft for great ideas about fun, colorful, and contemporary baby projects, as well as tips on colors and materials that are baby- (and parent) friendly.

Here are just a few patterns that you’ll definitely want to check out:

Click here for this episode’s guide, and click here to listen to episode 43 [MP3].

What’s YarnCraft? It’s our radio-style audio-show available right over the internet, anytime you want it. If you’ve never listened to it, but want to start, summer’s the perfect time — we’re featuring not only our regular series, but also Summer Crafting with Kids, a special series filled with ideas for entertaining and bonding with your kids this summer. Want more info about YarnCraft? click here for our FAQ about the show.

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