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5 Knit and Crochet and Yarn Trends for 2015

1. Big Yarns: Fast Finish Projects


Our number one trend prediction for 2014 (Big, Bigger, Better) was right on target and will continue to be one of the most important trends in 2015. This year we'll be seeing more chunky knits and fast-finish crochet projects as the most popular yarns of the last year continue to be important. In our line, Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, Homespun® Thick & Quick®, Heartland Thick & Quick® and Country® are all category 6 super bulky weight yarns that make your projects work up quickly while being on-trend with lush, big stitches. Big yarns not only work up quickly but they also have rich texture and great stitch definition that you don't usually see in store bought items. With the maker revolution in full swing, crafters want show that their work was made by a human being!

2. Oversized Fashions: Flattering Everyone

The "big" trend is now important in the world of fashion as well.  Big, oversized fashions are appearing everywhere at retail, and knitters and crocheters who want to be on trend will have scores of new patterns this year to do just that.  We'll be showing oversized sweaters and ponchos as fashion takes a turn to the looser, more comfortable and flattering styles so many people love to wear.

To give you an idea of what's in store, the graphic below shows three of our newest designs (#1, #2 & #6) and three fashion world examples of the oversized trend.

1) Cozy Cowl Pullover in Homespun® Thick & Quick® 2) Kimono Sleeve Pullover in Landscapes® 
3) 25 Ways to Style an Oversized Sweater 4) Hat by Berenika Czarnota, Knitwear Designer 5) Burberry Blanket Coat
6) Andover Poncho in Heartland

3. Scarfie: Sharing Your Crafting Story


The #Scarfie hashtag has exploded with people sharing their scarves, shawls and cowls on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and just about everywhere else online.  When we knit or crochet, we're creating something never seen before and that feeling of accomplishment is something that can now be appreciated by our social circle, in addition to ourselves and the people we craft for.

When you share what you've made using the #Scarfie hastag and the @lionbrandyarn name, we'll share your creativity with over half a million yarn lovers on our Facebook page.  Check out the smiling faces (one of them could be yours) on our #Scarfie Gallery.

4. Color: Bright, Bold and Self-Striping

charleston-swatch rainbow-scarf coneyisland-ld
Knit Charleston Garden Blanket
Ice Cream
Crochet Over the Rainbow Scarf
Knit Coney Island Scarfie

Color won't be timid in 2015 - even babies will be wearing bright colors! What gets an afghan or sweater noticed? It's color.  So go ahead and "wow" people with bold, bright colors that pop with our newest self-striping yarns.  Self-striping yarns have the extra advantage of making you look like an expert because the color changes, which would be time consuming and challenging if every color required a new ball of yarn, are made seamlessly and effortlessly.

5. Fur Trim: See It, Make It, Wear It

Faux fur has been popular for the last several years and in 2015 you'll see it continue to be used for garments - everything from capes and sweaters to trim for accessories like hoods and gloves. With our incredibly soft new yarn Pelt, you can add a surprisingly real-looking fur accent.

1) Singer Rhianna wearing fur cape at Paris Fashion Week; Make it: A Winter's Tale Poncho
2) Eli Saab Fall / Winter Collection 2015; Make it: Winter's Tale Cowl
3) Fashion Blogger, Rumi Neely wearing fur collar at Milan Fashion Week; Make it: Luxe Collar
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  • Teresa

    Love it all. Bright colors, quick projects, even the fur.

  • http://nittinninja.wordpress.com/ Glenda

    I love the Thick 'N Quick lines - they work up so quickly and are so cuddly warm!

  • favgrand

    Love the oversize sweater, but all your styling tips were for 21 year old, 6' tall size 2's. How bout us dumpier 5"2' size 8's or larger? We still love the sweaters and make them, then either have to look ridiculous or give them away to our taller friends!

  • Laura

    Fitted fashions flatter everyone. Oversized fashions don't flatter anyone, and only avoid looking completely ridiculous on the tall, young, and slender.

  • Patti F

    Arm knit? So sick of seeing this, as it isn't knit at all and is so ugly I don't know why anyone would want to do it. What a waste of yarn!

  • Sheila

    There's that ridiculous word again "scarfie". Sounds so babyish to me.

  • Francine Beauchamp

    Is there a pattern for the #3 sweater in the "Oversize fashions" section. Thanks!

  • Jamie

    I've worked with the Landscapes yarn & found it to be very silky smooth and lovely.

  • Kathryn Pless

    Love all the trends especially the bright transitioning colors and over size fashions.

  • Sue Pavlisko

    Is there a pattern for the burberry blanket coat?

  • L

    If this is what you want me to buy in 2015, I will save my money. Very unflattering and downright UNATTRACTIVE. I do not care for bulk and do not like anything around my neck!

  • Janet

    I would love to see more patterns for crochet garments, such as non bulky sweater dresses and lighter weight tops. Also, more challenging pattern designs.