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5 Ideas for Knitting & Crocheting in Groups

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5 Ideas for Knitting & Crocheting in Groups

Whether it’s for a charity or just for fun, being around others can truly enhance the experience of knitting and crocheting. In YarnCraft (our 30-minute downloadable audio-show) episode #17, my co-host Liz and I shared ideas for gathering to knit and crochet in a group.

WristersHere are a few tips:

1. Do a pattern together. Whether you each create a rectangle for a Warm Up America! afghan or you all make the same pattern (like in our knit-along), you can find support (as well as expertise and advice) in numbers.

2. Add your own influence. Take a pattern like our basic wristers and personalize it. Each person can make it in their own colors, adding their own embellishments, etc.

3. Try new yarns. Throw a “yarn-tasting” party by gathering some friends and passing around some new yarns. Everyone can make a swatch of each yarn to take with them, so that you all know how the yarn works up and you have a record of the colors you like.

4. Teach new people. Bring new knitters and more experienced knitters together and hold a class. This is a great activities for mothers and daughters, girl and boy scouts, groups of new mothers (maybe make it a baby shower activity) and more.

5. Create for a cause. Make items to donate to the charity (find one at our Charity Connection) of your choice. It’s always nice to know that your handiwork is going to a good cause.

For more ideas, as well as some great pattern recommendations, visit the YarnCraft blog post on this episode.

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  • I have found a way to combine all of these with a Knitting Bible Study. Learn to knit, knit with others, knit for others, be still and study God’s Word while knitting. We have shared ideas about knitting, had a baby shower for a hospital in Zimbabwe for which we knitted hats and blankets, examined various techniques and style of each individual knitter and grown closer together as women and as sisters in Christ.

  • I love this idea about throwing a yarn tasting party. In fact I will be throwing soon, and I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with guest. thanks for the tips Zontee. I also have an idea to give each guest an already made project as a souvinier.

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