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5 Hats & Different Ways to Style Them

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5 Hats & Different Ways to Style Them

Sometimes when I’m shopping and I see a garment or accessory I really want, I think about the different ways to style it, making the item itself very versatile.  For instance, I really like my denim jacket because I can roll up the sleeves different lengths and I can partially pop the collar for a different look. I can then pair it with a skirt or jeans for a more casual look…the choices go on.

The finished pattern images you see on show you one way to style an item, but today, I’ll show you alternate ways to style 5 hats.

Ballpark hat Crochet Ball Park Hat
We definitely like the slouch effect of the hat as modeled for the pattern, but think about playing around with your hat ribbing.  You can fold up the ribbing to let more hair show, and also to create a tighter fit.

  Half Moon Hat Knit Half Moon Hat
The Half Moon Hat can be worn in beret style (sitting on top of head, pulled slightly in one direction), as pictured on our pattern model; or it can be worn in a more relaxed fit with no specific directional tilt.
 Fern Green Hat Knit Fern Green Hat
This hat is styled a bit big, so it works best as a slouchy beanie.  If you have big curly hair, this hat will definitely come in handy. It has a good stretch and memory to it, so it will accommodate your hair and then return to its normal size.
 Cozy Cuffed Hat Knit Cozy Cuff Hat
This knit hat in the Rainforest colorway of Amazing is a great unisex piece.  If you don’t want it to sit directly on top of your head, you can fold down the brim for a more relaxed look which will definitely keep your ears warm.
Galaxy Hat   Crochet Galaxy Hat
The Galaxy Hat doesn’t look too “out of this world” if you re-position it to let it hang off your head.  Like the Fern Green Hat, this hat is great for those with thick or long hair, it will hold your hair in the hat while your head stays warm.

Do you often wear your patterns as you saw them styled or do you figure out new ways to make them your own? Share some of your refashion tips and ideas with us!

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  • […] 5 Hats Different Ways to Style Them […]

  • […] 5 Hats & Different Ways to Style Them […]

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