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5 Great Slippers to Keep You Comfy

Everyone needs a great pair of comfy slippers, and summer is a great season to make some!

Slippers and slipper socks make great portable projects, and are excellent items to have on hand once the weather begins to get cooler.  Here are 5 of great patterns to make a pair of these must haves!

These Scrunchy, Slouchy Slipper Socks can be knit or crocheted, and are a great way to keep your feet and ankles warm on chilly nights. These socks are too thick to wear inside shoes, but are just right for snug, cozy slippers!
The Oxford Slippers make a great gift for men. This pattern is written for a discontinued yarn, but would work up excellently in any sturdy, bulky yarns like Tweed Stripes or Jiffy. Modeled after the classic shoe, these slippers even have laces for support!
A great project for loom knitters, the  Loom Knit Chunky Footies They work up beautifully, are soft and cushy, and are a great way to put a loom to good use!
The Red Hot Slipper Socks are knit in Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and are thick and comfy. These slipper socks only come up to the ankle, and are great for someone who prefers a low cuff on socks.
These Crochet Adult Booties are a great option for crocheters - they even match these baby booties in a very similar style!

Have you made a pair of slippers you love? Leave a comment to tell us all about it!

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  • Vivian in WI

    My favorite slipper crochet pattern makes moccosin style slippers in assorted sizes, and I love the beadwork on the toe top section. I don't remember where I got it from...could be from any yarn magazine, or the free patterns found on the yarn, or in-store free flyers.
    Vivian in WI

  • Jackie Cyr

    I received a pair of knit slippers but because of my tile floors I am afraid to wear them.  Would also like to knit some for Christmas gifts.  I there something I can put on the bottoms to make them slip proof?

  • Fredette4965

    You can also get suede and other leathers at your local Tandy Leather store.

  • Judy W.

    I have also used fabric paint- put a few drops on the bottom of the slippers in
    a pattern- it is just enough grip to prevent the slip.

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  • JustJoannie

    Thanks for the share! I recently have become a big fan of the overstuffed slipped style. Just the other day I picked up a pair of <a href="http://www.buyhappyfeet.com/HappyFeet/Snooki_2" rel="nofollow">snooki slippers </a> and these things are like walking on clouds! Its been two days so far and I am yet to take them off :)