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5 Great First Sweater Patterns for Adults

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5 Great First Sweater Patterns for Adults

So you’ve mastered the scarf and hat, perhaps even the baby sweater, and now you want to move on to a new type of project. Ring in the new year by knitting or crocheting your first adult sweater! With just a few simple skills, you’ll be well on your way to a cozy handmade garment. Here are 5 patterns perfect for your first adult sweater.

Knit Cropped Raglan Sweater One of the simplest sweater constructions is the top down raglan. The Cropped Raglan Sweater is a classic example, featuring beautiful eyelet increases and a breezy open front. Best of all, there are no big seams to sew! Although the suggested yarn has been discontinued, this sweater would look great in any of our other worsted weight yarns. Skills needed (click each skill for instructions): cast on, knit, purl, knit 2 together, yarn over, increase, and bind off.
Crochet Summer Swing Jacket Similarly, the Crochet Summer Swing Jacket is shaped through easy raglan construction. It looks great in any worsted weight yarn, so you have tons of options for fibers and colors! Get creative; the single button closure is perfect for highlighting a truly unique vintage button. Skills needed: chain, half double crochet, decrease, increase, and slip stitch.
Knit Nautical Stripes Pullover This cozy unisex Nautical Stripes Pullover utilizes simple construction, but it stays interesting with horizontal stripes. Because it’s made with bulky Homespun and larger needles, this sweater works up quickly. Skills needed: cast on, knit, purl, knit 2 together, slip, make 1, and bind off.
Crochet Side-to-Side Cowl Neck Sweater The Crochet Side-to-Side Cowl Neck Sweater looks complicated, but it’s anything but! The pullover is worked vertically with no increasing or decreasing; the stretchy rib provides all of the shaping that you need. Skills needed: chain, half double crochet, through the back loop, and slip stitch.
Knit Women's Eloise Eyelet Cardi Our easy Knit Eloise Eyelet Cardi was so popular for children that we had to make an adult version! The impressive lace yoke is a simple combination of yarn overs and knit 2 togethers. The cropped sleeves and single button closure make this cardigan a wardrobe staple. Skills needed: cast on, knit, purl, knit 2 together, yarn over, make 1, and bind off.

Remember, the most important step to making a sweater that fits is to make a gauge swatch! Happy yarncrafting!

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  • Pattern link for the “unisex sweater” please?  =)  Thanks!

    • You can click directly on the pattern photo or follow this link: Enjoy!

      • Thanks for fixing adding the link!  It wasn’t working in the original email, either…  Thanks again!  =D

        •  *adding the link…

  • Love the crochet side-by-side sweater …. but does it come in a KNIT pattern?

  • Please list beginner sweaters that have full length sleeves.  Thanks!

  • MORE CROCHET!!!  Please?!?!  Most of your best patterns are all knit, and I can’t knit.  I know you have instructions, etc. but that doesn’t help much when you are in the middle of learning something new, have made a few mistakes and there’s nobody nearby to help you find and correct those mistakes. I live in the boondocks – literally, pop.1500.  I know how to crochet, so I’d LOVE it if you would create more patterns for crochet sweaters and other clothing items.  (Skirts for kids, baby/toddler sweaters, cardigans, etc)  I already love your website and your yarns.  Now I just need more patterns.  (Don’t we all?)

  • Dianne Unterbrink:  ME, TOO, more crochet, please!  I have MS (multiple sclerosis, diagnosed almost 32 years ago), and knitting with two needles is becoming increasingly difficult.  Crochet, however, is still both possible and enjoyable.  I will confess that I already have more patterns than I could ever make, even if I lived to be 200 years old (God forbid! :), but how could that possibly have anything to do with needing MORE??  🙂 

  • Please add some basic long sleeve sweaters for men in knitting. Crew necks, one with Rugby stripe, yarn that is smooth and comfortable. First level. thank you.

  • I received as a present a skein of Fisherman’s wool–maple twist.  It is a very blah color, from all your yarns I find it the utmost unappealing…

  • I think you mean “Nautical”, not “Natical Stripes Pullover”

  • Please, Please, Please add men’s cardigin/sweaters in crochet my husband would love a sweater but he only wants cardigan style (he won’t wear anything pullover). Seems like I can never find what I want for patterns when I need them. Have to many like so many others of you yet can’t ever find that perfect one.

    • Google “The Crochet Dude” – he (obviously!) is a male who crochets and while he does all different types of patterns/projects, he especially does a great job with sweaters for guys…that guys actually like! 😉 Hope this helps! =D

  • Plus sized patterns would be great!  and have you ever seen a bathrobe  pattern for adults out of either crochet or knit? Thanks! 

  • I love your yarns & patterns.  Please more assymmetrical shrug patterns if possible

  • I would like to experience the European knitting method.   Can anyone suggest a location???   Tnxs   GS

    • Hi, GS. There are lots of great videos on YouTube.

  • I am originaly european, but I dont know what GS means by “european”.
    I know there are 2 ways to pick the yarn & pull through, but don’t which is  which.

    • Hi, Irene. European is also known as continental knitting or picking, and it is when you handle the yarn with your left hand. Using your right hand to control the yarn is known as throwing or English style.

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  • more crochet adult size with raglan sleeves. I don’t care for the “set in ” type sleeved sweaters.

  • I have so much trouble doing this:
    Work as for Right Front, LEFT FRONT REVERSE SHAPING.
    Any ideas on how to conquer this obstacle for me?

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