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5 Fun Summertime Projects From Crafty Bloggers!

With the changing of the seasons, it seems that a lot of people are making the transition to knitting or crocheting with fibers more suited for warm weather; cotton is definitely a popular appropriate spring/summer yarn.  Additionally, with the change of the seasons, there's usually a change in the types of  projects you work on - maybe you create more dishcloths, or knit/crochet small, portable items to seam together into one large piece later.  I've been seeing some beautiful projects online made by crafters such as yourself that I'd love to share.  Take a look at the projects below and maybe you'll find some inspiration for your next project!


Kitchen Cotton Yarn Bombed Chair

Kitchen Cotton Yarn Bombed Chair

Val, over at Val's Corner was inspired by the bright colors of Kitchen Cotton to yarn bomb her sweet little chair for a fun summery look.  I love her color combinations, and the choice of leaving some of the white wood exposed was perfect; the contrast really allows the colors to pop!

Crochet Medallion Potholder

Crochet Medallion Potholder

When Sara from Creative Jewish Mom started her stash busting project, she whipped up some pretty potholders with her scraps of Lion Cotton. Although these were created as potholders, Sara mentioned another great idea for the use of these potholders, which would be to use them as wall decor; you can stiffen them with some spray starch and hang, or seam them together for a table runner.


Crochet Table Runner

Crochet Table Runner

Speaking of crochet table runners, Melissa from Pug Notes has already created one out of Lion Cotton using our Circular Washcloth pattern.  I love the combination of the various colors and sizes, which mesh so perfectly together.  The yellow border of her washcloths adds a nice finishing touch.

Bright Baby Blanket

Bright Baby Blanket

I absolutely love the color choices of Cotton-Ease that Wendy from Parenthood in the 21st Century chose for her crochet baby blanket.  She also found inspiration from one of our patterns - the Bright Baby Blanket.  I'm sure the recipient of this blanket will light up as soon as she sees it.

Crochet Baby Sandals

Crochet Baby Sandals

Ashlee's baby sandals are way too cute! It's the perfect time to knit or crochet small items and garments for babies.  A small project like this is easy to carry around with you during your travels.  Check out Ashlee's original pattern using Extra Soft Wool Blend and Babysoft over at I'm Topsy Turvy.

What will you be crafting for the summer? Will you be making dishcloths,  a little yarn bombing perhaps? Share your plans in the comments below!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/pugnotes Melissa Langer

    I am so honored to be mentioned today on your blog!  I love working with Lion Brand yarn for all of my projects!  The quality of all of the fiber choices, colors and wonderful patterns inspire me everyday!
    :) Melissa Langer

  • Val

    Thank you for including me on this blog!  What a lovely surprise.

    I really enjoy working with your Kitchen Cotton yarns and am so pleased you like the results.  Thanks!

  • T. Meek

    Wow I love that Table Runner! If I were more experienced I would so make it! And if I had the time...

  • http://www.facebook.com/phillymom Melinda Espada-martinez

    i love the table runner, i have a round table and if i made it and then seamed it in a circulat patter that would be awesome.. ohh the ideas!!!

  • Lcbme123

    I simply love the yarn bombed kitchen chair. Of all the granny square chair coverings I've seen, this is one I am inspired to try. Thank you.

  • Randi

    Those sandals are absolutely adorable!  Summer plans: I'm hoping to join the International Yarn Bombing Day coming up ... it's on my bucket list.

  • Hummingbird

    I love the little sandals, too !

  • http://alpaka.me/ Julia

    I absolutely adore the yarn bombed chair. I should do something like it, we have so old hand-me-down chairs in our kitchen and this idea would just fit perfectly.

  • Patty Pozolo

    No yarn bombing here......Christmas knitting!!! Tho I will be picking up yarn this week for the CAL Glitter Shrug :-)

  • http://www.hotelsnearthamesriver.com/ hotelsnearthames

    WOW, amazing work! Most of all I liked the sandals - incredibly nice. Thank you for the nice share. Really fantastic post!

  • Ashlee Prisbrey

    SO exciting to come back from my vacation to this feature!  I'm tickled you like my baby sandals!

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  • Devery Johnson

    I am yarn bombing the local library (with permission of course) during the summer. See the Monster Bench and the spiderweb rainbow.