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5 Fast-to-Make Toys from the Latest Episode of YarnCraft

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5 Fast-to-Make Toys from the Latest Episode of YarnCraft

In the most recent episode of our audio-podcast, YarnCraft, my co-host Liz and I chat about great toys for kids of every age, as well as toys for our furry friends. We also share an interview with Nicky Epstein, who tells us all about her love of knitting and crocheting for Barbie! Click here to listen [MP3].

Here’s a sneak peak at 5 fast patterns we discuss in the episode:

  1. Bunny Blanket – For a baby shower or a holiday gift, this item is a fast-finish project to knit or crochet.
  2. Amigurumi Gnome – A great “gag gift,” our friendly garden gnome is a gift with a sense of humor, and will only take an afternoon to finish.
  3. Best Bunny – Perfect for small hands, this little crochet rabbit will be a great companion for any child.
  4. Doll Hat & Muff – Classic and charming, this knit set is perfect for the little girl (or girl at heart) who still loves dolls.
  5. Amigurumi Doughnut – These darling sweets are calorie free, but make fun and whimsical favors.

And join us next Tuesday for our next episode, when we talk about great gift ideas for the holiday season!

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  • How cute can you be!!! I’ll try this on – and probably it will end up living with me!

  • Just adorable, I’m going to dig out some yarn and make it. Thanks so much Karen

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