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5 Eco-Friendly Patterns from YarnCraft Episode #38

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5 Eco-Friendly Patterns from YarnCraft Episode #38

In episode 38 of YarnCraft, our bi-weekly radio-style podcast, Liz and I prepare for Earth Day with eco-friendly yarns and projects! We also answer some great questions asked by our listeners. Learn more about great products like The Knitter’s Block, our Stitch of the Week, and great listener websites like WooWork! In our regular segment, Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life, we share some useful techniques for using leftover yarn.

Here are 5 fabulous eco-friendly patterns:

To listen to this episode, click here [MP3]. For more information about the podcast or this episode, visit the YarnCraft blog. Join us next Tuesday for an episode all about Mother’s Day gift ideas!

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  • It seems that many people, besides me, had trouble with the pattern for the Moderne Jacket: making the increases fit neatly, keeping the pattern stitch lined up, and dealing with the overall chunkiness of the finished product which was not obvious in the photo that accompanied the pattern. May I suggest that the next pattern chosen for the Crochet Along be one that is tried and true and that the illustration accompanying the pattern shows it on a live model of average proportions.

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