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5 Crochet Techniques We Love

5 Crochet Techniques We Love | Lion Brand Notebook (

I think that every crocheter and knitter should be open to trying new skills--by challenging yourself as a crafter, you grow your abilities and open up the possibilities of making even more amazing projects.

On a recent episode of YarnCraft (that'd be our podcast or downloadable online radio show), we talked a little bit about 5 crochet techniques we think that everyone should try! Here they are:

1. Tunisian Crochet

This technique involves two passes of the crochet hook (one to pick up loops onto the hook--bearing a resemblance to knit stitches on a needle--and one to work those loops off the hook) and creates a fabric that can look woven or knitted. Click here to learn more about this interesting skill.

2. Broomstick Lace

Create beautiful lace stitches with just your basic single crochet and a large knitting needle (or a that of a broomstick)! Find out how in this easy photo tutorial.

3. Intarsia

Both crocheters and knitters can create wonderful colorwork simply by following a chart. See some examples in this blog post.

4. Hairpin Lace

This unique looking lace is created with a special tool and a crochet hook. See this helpful video to see how it's done.

5. Crochet Cables

Wonderful braids and raised textures are yours for the making with crochet cables. Learn just how easy this technique actually is with this blog post.

[Basic shell stitch pattern shown in swatch above can be found here; please note the photo above uses 4 colors and is shown sitting upside-down from the stitch pattern photo.]

To learn more about this episode of YarnCraft, click here. Use the player below to listen to the episode directly from this page (this particular segment starts at 27:24): 


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