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5 Cotton Yarns for Spring

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5 Cotton Yarns for Spring

It’s finally warming up here in New York, and I’m ready to start working on projects that are appropriate for the warmer days ahead.  Cotton is a great fiber to wear in warm weather because it’s cool and breathable.  It’s also ideal for market bags, accessories, and washcloths.  But, with so many cottons out there, it can be hard to pick the right one for a project.  To help you decide which cotton to use for different projects, I thought I’d give you a rundown of my five favorite cotton yarns.

Cotton-Ease is a worsted weight cotton-acrylic blend. It combines the absorbency of the cotton and the lightness of acrylic.  It’s machine washable, so whether you make a sweater or a washcloth, you can easily clean any project made with Cotton-Ease.

Baby’s First is a cotton-acrylic blend like Cotton-Ease, but it is a chunky weight.  It is constructed of many thin plies, so it is soft and cushy with wonderful stitch definition.  Ideal for fast-finish projects, you don’t have to limit yourself to baby items.  See Zontee’s adorable cardi (below), which she made by substituting Baby’s First for the required Cotton-Ease in the Bebop Cardi.

Zontee’s Bebop

Recycled Cotton is possibly our most unique cotton-acrylic blend.  Like Cotton-Ease, it is a worsted weight, but this yarn is made of cotton fabric clippings that would get wasted in the tee-shirt manufacturing process.  The material is sorted by color so that minimal dying is required. Before it’s dyed, it’s spun with acrylic and the result is a beautiful heathered yarn.  Make your market bags even more green, or make a cozy cardi for your little one like the Eyelet Remix Cardi (below).

Knit Eyelet Remix Cardi

Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton is organically grown and dyed according to the Global Organic Textile Standard by the Institute of Marketecology.  This super-soft 100% cotton is worsted weight, and I like to use it for things that will be close to my skin, such as shawl, scarves, and hats.  The construction of this yarn is ideal for simple stitches in knit or crochet.

Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton

LB Collection Cotton Bamboo, our most luxurious cotton, combines all the wonderful qualities of cotton with the beautiful drape and sheen of rayon from bamboo!  Bamboo is used to make rayon because it is a renewable resource.   The result is an affordable little luxury that can be used on garments and baby projects.

What do you like to make with cotton?

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  • Cotton Ease is wonderfully comfortable. I have made two cardis with it. It would be great for us crocheters if LB could make it in a DK weight.

  • I’ve been meaning to ask… how is bamboo, a natural fiber, used to make acrylic, a synthetic fiber! I’ve been having trouble wrapping my mind around that one.

    Oh, and I made my first pair of socks with Baby’s First- they made excellent slipper socks for grownups!

    • Whoops, I meant rayon. Still synthetic. 😉

      • Hi Kelli, all rayon is made from cellulose (the fiber of plants), and because of this, it’s considered a semi-synthetic fiber. The chemical process turns the tough, stringy fibers in bamboo (or other plants) into the soft, shiny, pliable fibers you see in rayon products.

  • Finally a yarn which is Organic!! Thank you – I am expecting a new grandbaby at the end of May – already have completed the afghan in the Nature’s Choice blueberry cotton . It looks pretty, feels soft and was easy to work with. Keep more organic choices coming!

    • Hi! You may want to check out our LB Collection Organic Wool for a warm and cozy organic option.


  • Can Lion Brand make a 3 ply or 2 ply soft cotton so I can make nicer Chemo Caps for ladies? With warmer weather, ladies need thinner cotton. Please,

  • I love to wear cotton sweaters but can not find patterns for such. Can you give some direction as to where I might find some.

  • I would like a cotton yarn that is fine enough to knit a summer sweater. Years ago one could buy that type summer sweater. I don’t see the yarn, and I no longer see the summer weight sweaters! Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • Oh My! Another senior moment! I didn’t read the comment by Zontee about synthetic fiber before I seconded Kelli’s questions about this yarn. Silly me!

  • Could someone recomend a cotton blend that would be good to crochet the “Tree of Life” afghan? Wool ease is recommended, but I prefer something softer.


  • I just want to join Norma and Napaquilter in requesting a lighter weight cotton.

  • Cotton Bamboo is a DK weight cotton blend yarn, with good yardage for the price, so I think it would be good for summer sweaters. I like Cotton Ease for some projects, but it works up into garments that are a bit heavy for summer. I know many of us would like to make warm weather garments… and in summer, a worsted weight cotton is just too hot for comfort.

  • I’m not certain I would call bamboo a luxury fiber. While it is certainly a great fiber with many good properties, including drape, it is a very, very plentiful and renewable source for yarns. Alas, I feel the only thing luxurious about bamboo fiber is LB’s price for it.

  • That’s a nice design, I never knew there is a neck warmer after living
    up north for so many years. Perhaps it’s more fashionable in the west

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  • Can anyone recommend a cotton blend yarn that doesn’t pill?

  • I want to knit some summer tank tops but I am worried they will be to hot to wear in the summer . Has anyone knitted summer tank tops and what yarn did you use and was it comfortable to wear?

    • Hey Rosie!

      May we suggest the Tiger Lily Tank or Sea Breeze Top on our site? Both yarns used (LB Collection Cotton Bamboo and Cotton-Ease) are soft and light enough for the summer heat!

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