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3 Bridesmaids Gifts to Wow a Wedding Party

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3 Bridesmaids Gifts to Wow a Wedding Party

Make a beautiful day even more personal by making bridesmaids gifts yourself! Making gifts for bridesmaids is a great way to give a thoughtful gift that is also economical and practical. These gifts won’t take too long to make, and could fit in nicely at the wedding ceremony!

Knitted shawls, like the Sweetheart Shawl to the left in Vanna’s Glamour are great accessories for everyday wear. They also make considerate gifts for bridesmaids who will be wearing sleeveless dresses or participating in outdoor ceremonies.
A little bag like the Perfect Purse to the left is the perfect place to tuck a few tissues, a camera, and other tiny wedding day essentials. The gift of a clutch like this one in Cotton-Ease is great for the big day and for everyday use.
If you’re crafting for a large wedding party, small sachets make great gifts. They work up quickly, but the detailed stitches of our four Wedding Favor Sachets make them anything but plain! [The Grit Stitch Sachet is pictured to the left.]

A wedding is also a great opportunity to try your hand at dyeing yarns! You can dye your projects to match the wedding colors with a little careful chemistry and practice.  Remember, dyes work best on natural fiber yarns like white or light shades of our Lion Cotton or Fisherman’s Wool. For more gift ideas and tips on dyeing yarns, check out YarnCraft Episode 40, it’s full of great crafting  inspiration for weddings (either yours or someone else’s)!

Do you have a wedding coming up that you are crafting for? Have you made gifts for bridesmaids or the happy couple in the past? Leave us a comment to tell us all about it!

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  • the little bag, what you call a sachet (I learned a new term here) has been a favorite of my crochet hook for years. The pattern varies, but quick and fun!
    It all began when a young couple mentioned they were combining apartments, therefore had all kinds of “stuff” but wanted gift money to make down payment for a house.
    It seemed too easy to write a check (which my husband claims is best) so I crocheted a little drawstring bag, went to the bank and bought a roll of dollar coin$. Actually, there was the time when our own budget was tight, so I just emptied the change jar… Hey, it’s real and plain ol’ money, right?
    Well, a colorful, jingling bag of coins seems to be the way to go, considering the Thank You notes coming my way.
    Gift wrap is usually a cotton yarn dishcloth, tied closed with a shoestring. This has a side benefit of keeping the coins from being too noisy.

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