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4 Ways Yarncrafting Can Help Kids Heading Back to School

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4 Ways Yarncrafting Can Help Kids Heading Back to School

This time of year it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and anxiety of starting a new school year. Recently it’s become popular to introduce teens and children to yarncrafts as they head back to school; it’s been seen that crafting has numerous benefits that can help all ages during times of stress. Plus, taking a little time to relax can be helpful for kids and adults, particularly when you take some time to enjoy a hobby you love together.

Here are some great ways that yarncrafting can help the kids, teens and grown-ups in your life:

Crafting is something you can do by yourself to relax. Knitting or crocheting a few rows between classes or on the morning bus can lend a sense of value to these hurry-up-and-wait portions of the day. It’s a great way to decompress at the end of a long day, and can help clear your mind as you work.

Yarncrafting can help you connect with other people. Lots of activities for young people seem to be designed to be done alone; but crafting, particularly yarncrafting, can be a great way to spend a little face-time with friends or family. Lots of schools are developing crafting clubs, and crafting with a group of peers can introduce students to new friends.

Working with yarn is a hobby that gives you a sense of accomplishment. Often students have trouble sensing the worth of their accomplishments and the very real value of practice and learning from your mistakes. Knitting and crochet are great hobbies that demonstrate the value of trying and sticking-to-it in a comfortable, low-pressure way. Plus, there’s the added benefit of wearing your successful finished projects!

Handmade crafts can help young children learn to focus and develop their motor abilities. When you watch a child do something that they really love, it’s clear: they are focused, confident, and enjoying themselves. Some schools have found that introducing boys and girls to knitting and crochet has greatly improved their concentration and ability to focus. Often kids who tend to be tactile learners or need to develop fine motor control benefit a great deal from having a physical outlet for their creativity.

Want to see more kids crafting in your neighborhood?

Consider volunteering to help start a crafts club. Some schools and community centers have started after school clubs focused on needles arts, providing a place for kids to relax and get to know one another as they work. Donating yarn, needles, hooks, or your time to kids is a wonderful way to help them get started crafting! Want to teach a group of kids to knit or crochet? Here are our tips to help you get started: 7 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Knit or Crochet


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  • You’ve touched on several of the key points that I share about crochet’s healing benefits in my new book, Crochet Saved My Life!!

  • […] 4 Ways Yarncrafting Can Help Kids Heading Back to School […]

  • […] 4 Ways Yarncrafting Can Help Kids Heading Back to School […]

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