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4 Tips for Spring Socks

Socks are the perfect project for spring and summer. They're small enough to be portable, so you can work on them everywhere from the subway to the beach. Best of all, you won't have a lot of yarn resting on your lap, so you can keep cool while crafting! Here are 4 tips for you to get the most out of your spring sock-making experience:

Socks1. Use fun, bright colors! Celebrate the beautiful color palettes of spring by incorporating them into your socks. Sock-Ease shades like Lemon Drop, Cotton Candy, Sour Ball, and Lollipop are perfect for adding a pop of color into your wardrobe.

2. Choose wool. It might sound crazy, but wool socks are great for warmer weather. That's because wool is a very breathable fiber, and it will actually wick away some of the moisture from your feet.

3. Select the right pattern for your yarn. Solid and semi-solid shades are versatile enough to be used in plain and intricate patterns. Self-striping and variegated colors can obscure more detailed patterns, so it's best to use them with simpler stitches.

4. Try new techniques! Top-down, toe-up, heels, toes, magic loop -- there are so many different ways to make a sock, so challenge yourself to try something new.

Are you new to sock knitting? Click here to watch our How to Knit Socks video series.

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