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4 Reasons You Should Listen to YarnCraft

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4 Reasons You Should Listen to YarnCraft

In 2007, we started our on-demand radio show (aka podcast), YarnCraftSince then, we’ve aired over 100 episodes, featuring behind-the-scenes stories from Lion Brand, interviews with people ranging from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to Vanna White to Nicky Epstein, and tons of useful tips and pattern recommendations.

I’ve had the pleasure of working on each of these episodes, first as a producer and then later also as a co-host, and I’d like to invite you to check out the show if you haven’t already.

Here are just a few reasons you might enjoy YarnCraft, straight from our listeners…

Get inspired & learn something new

Each episode features a main theme/topic, as well as other fun segments. We cover topics ranging from patterns for particular seasons to becoming a professional knit or crochet designer.

“YarnCraft inspires me to try things I never would have tried. Hearing advice from other crafters gives me confidence and ideas to create things on my own. I look forward to every podcast and I learn something new each time!” – Erin, Denver, CO

“I just listened to the podcast on shaping…wow, how informative! […] You inspire me to tackle things I would never even consider. Thank you for providing a podcast that is informative and interesting and benificial to increasing my skills and knowledge of yarncrafting.” – Allison, Morton, IL

Be exposed to new crafts & techniques

From knitting & crochet to weaving, dyeing, and crafting with fiber, we cover lots of areas of yarncrafting. We also invite expert teachers, designers, and authors to share their thoughts on skills ranging from Tunisian crochet to entrelac to garment design.

“I feel like I’ve listened to almost every knitting podcast out there, and YarnCraft is one of two that I faithfully download and listen to […] I like that it covers both knitting and crochet (or even weaving) and the interviews are usually with people with a lot of expertise. ” – Jane, Chendu, Sichuan, China

It’s about the community

We love to share questions, stories, and comments from our listeners, both on the air and through our website and Ravelry group. Meet your fellow listeners online, get feedback, and share laughs.

“I’ve gone from an occasional listener to a regular listener. I love the inclusive YARNcraft theme. I’ve gotten so much out if the podcasts that I’ve gone back to the first podcast and listened to each episode! I love the way Liz, Zontee, and Michelle make listeners part of the podcast. Whether it’s soliciting suggestions or ideas or opinions, you go out of your way to make this OUR podcast.” – ItzMe

Bring your yarny friends with you

Our listeners tell us that they enjoy YarnCraft while walking the dog, commuting, waiting for their kids, at the doctor’s office, and while enjoying a little alone time with their latest projects…but don’t take our word for it:

“I love hearing what Liz, Zontee, and Michelle have on their needles, their successes, experiments and yes, even problems or frustrations. It helps to know even the ‘professionals’ run into the same issues as I […] And what’s not to love about having a mentor a phone call/email/forum post away? It’s been pretty fun to hear my questions answered ‘on the air.'” – Alane, Virginia

“It sparks my imagination and enhances my crafting time. YarnCraft makes me feel good that I am not the only one in the world who is passionate about crochet, knitting, wool and other fibres. It is lovely companionship to listen to YarnCraft while working on my projects.” – Jodie, Adelaide, Australia

So how do you listen to YarnCraft? You can stream it directly from our website. You can also download each episode as an MP3 from the site (simply follow the directions in each episode guide). You can also find us on iTunes, Zune, Stitcher, and other media programs, simply by searching for us–many of those sites allow you to subscribe so that each new episode comes directly to you.

I hope you’ll join us for our next episode, coming out tomorrow!

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  • I’ve been enjoying YarnCraft for several years now.  I love that it is not just Lion Brand, or not just knitting, or not just crochet, but I love that it is all these things.  

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  • I just started listening to these and I must say, they are delightful and informative. I love that it has two hosts talking to us and to each other. The archived shows are just as relevant as the current shows.

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