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4 Matching Costume Sets for Kids and Pets!

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4 Matching Costume Sets for Kids and Pets!

Knit Octopus Poncho Knit Octopus Dog Costume
Tentacles and all, venture under the sea with this original
Knit Octopus Poncho and Knit Octopus Dog Costume set.

Halloween is a family affair – so include your dog! To make it easy to do, we’ve put together an adorable collection of matching costume sets for your child and your dog. Think of the photo opportunities!

Check out some of the fun pairings below:

Knit Dragon Slayer Hood Knit Dragon Slayer Dog Sweater
Train your very own dragon(s) with this
Knit Dragon Slayer Hood and matching Dragon Slayer Dog Sweater.
Knit Bunny Hoodie Knit Bunny Dog Costume
It’s all about a hop, skip and a bark with this
Knit Bunny Hoodie and matching Bunny Dog Costume.
Knit Child's Turtle Vest Turtle Dog Costume
Grab a mask and turn the little ones into ninja turtles with this
Knit Child’s Turtle Vest and matching Turtle Costume!

Click here for even more Halloween ideas.

How will you incorporate yarn into your Halloween festivities this year?  Show and tell in the comments below!

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