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3 Ways to Celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day!

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3 Ways to Celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day!

Crochet Bracelet Knit Bracelet
World Wide Knit in Public Day is nearly upon us!

World Wide Knit in Public Day (June 11th, with celebrations all week long) is a holiday when knitters, crocheters, and all lovers of yarn are encouraged to take their crafting with them out into public. Here are 3 great ways to celebrate this yarncraft holiday:

1) Wear something to show your crafter pride! There’s still time to make a small accessory or two before the big day. The Crochet Bracelet and the Knit Bracelet (pictured above) both sparkle in Vanna’s Glamour and work up in no time. Plus, you can wear them no matter how warm or cold it is!

2) Make something special in public! Why not try out a new pattern or yarn for the occasion? Treat yourself to some special crafting time in a public place and enjoy showing others your skills! Our Pattern Finder is a great place to start looking for new and interesting projects. Check out our previous post about how to use this feature of our site.

3) Find a group to celebrate with! Groups are forming and events are being planned all over the world. The World Wide Knit in Public Day website has a database of KIP (Knitting In Public) events online at You can check out local events near you, or plan your own!

How are you celebrating the big day? Leave a comment to tell us what you’re up to, and what makes World Wide Knit in Public Day special to you!

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  • I love worldwide knit in public day! Except, well, it requires going out in public and I’m having a rather anti-social summer. Maybe I’ll post a few pictures of me knitting on my blog? That’s public, right?

  • Invited all of my fb friends. Including the men. I was bummed that the out of town friends and most of the men didn’t read the part about tellimg their crafting friends or clicking on the link to find an event in their area. My DH is the same way no to everything. I’m getting new friends & a new DH. 🙂

  • I take my knitting to work with me, and whenever I have an open spot in my schedule, I sit in the waiting room and knit.  Some of the clients there bring their knitting too.  There are days when 3 of us are all knitting away and discussing  yarns etc.  Fun!

  • I have a cute choker and earrings I finished last month. They are posted on my blog with a free pattern ( I will be wearing these all week. It’s the least I can do for my craft. I also have a doctor appt. on the 16th, and I won’t forget to take my crochet along. People always ask what I am making when I do that and I can tell them about the knit in day too!

  • Everyday is crochet day in public for me! I take it to work baseball practice, soccer practice, gymnastics practice. That’s what I’m known for! Have a great day and get out there and share your love of yarn!

  • You mean we have to wait for a ‘special day’ to knit/crochet in public… I thought EVERYDAY was knit/crochet in public day, or at least it is for me :-/ Who cares what other people think, they run, exercise and even kiss and cuddle in public now days so hey what about a little harmless knitting/crocheting 🙂

    • I agree with Amazingme…I knit everywhere. It proves to be a great icebreaker, and people watch as the pattern begins to take shape.

  • since my heart attack 3 weeks ago every day has been crochet in public day. i have doctor appts. every other day and my crochet bag comes along to pass the time in the waiting rooms. its a good conversation starter, to discuss with others. and who knows you find out you have more in common woth the other patients than just being sick and it helps take your mind off of it for a few minutes.

    • Good luck with your recovery. From another crocheter.

  • I crochet on the Metro and in waiting rooms. I am planning my first small yarn bomb for that day(actually a piece I already made)

  • I take my knitting to work everyday and knit during my breaks, often in the hospital cafeteria. Has anyone noticed that men are more interested in your knitting. When asking questions about knitting, they outnumber women 5 to 1.

  • Waiting for Chase Field to have a Pitch N Stitch Day. Too bad it couldn’t have been planned for this special week. think I’ll start working on it for next year:)

  • ooh, would you believe I did not know of this day? I will for sure knit or crochet in public on Saturday. Now, what to work on…. Probably Tunisian crochet 😀

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  • […] know I live for the comedy right?  Well yesterday I was visiting Facebook and happened to see Lion Brand Yarns post about World Wide Knit in Public Day.  THIS SATURDAY!!!  They included a couple patterns for knitted bracelets.   I don’t wear […]

  • Well, I’ll be flying home from Alaska, so, along with knitting in the skies, I’ll be knitting in Anchoragr, San Francisco, & Chicago. But, gotta say, every day is KIP day!

  • You can count on me getting my knit on! Yay June 11th, just one more excuse to craft at the coffee spot while taking in some java

  • I always crochet or knit in public.  I enjoy taking my work with me.

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