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3 Videos: See Bellini Yarn in Action

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3 Videos: See Bellini Yarn in Action

Last month, I did a demo of our new Bellini yarn at Vogue Knitting Live, showing how to knit and crochet this yarn to create a rich texture, perfect for great scarves, as well as cool purses.

If you’re curious to see this yarn in action, we’ve made a few videos, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home:



Click here to learn more about this yarn and to order.

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  • Very nice to qork with this yarn

  • looks fun to used

  • Why are u using a third of the yarn for the working yarn? Your not using two strands all the way thru?

    • Hi Gilda, we’re using 1/3 of the yarn as the starting chain and 2/3 as the working yarn. This is because (just as with any yarn that you crochet with) it takes more yarn to create the single crochets than it does to create the chain. Hope that helps!

  • Wow! That looks really hard to work with. Lion Brand has a lot of fun easy-to-work-with yarns. Homespun, Fun Fur, and Ruffles (I owned a bunch until they stopped selling it) I don’t like working with but the results are just plain rewarding, it looks like the same here! I may try it out, it looks just a bit frustrating to work with!
    ~Olivia Harris~

  • […] New Yarn from @lionbrandyarn. They’ve put out a new yarn called Bellini and have three videos to share it – one about the yarn and one each for how to knit and crochet with it since it’s an interesting novelty yarn. […]

  • What size crochet hook is used for the crocheted scarf?

    • Size N-13/9mm. Hope this helps.

    • Thank you for the crochet hook size. Do you get the same look by crocheting as you do with knitting? I have tried to knit this and I think it is easier. It also looks like the pic of the model is wearing in the finished scarf at the beginning of her knitting video. Thank you again for your help.

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