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3 February Crafting Challenges: Hashtag to join!

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3 February Crafting Challenges: Hashtag to join!

Though the first week of February is in the books, that doesn’t mean we can’t join in the crafty fun! There are some fabulous social media crafting challenges going on this month, and it’s easy to join in. Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, we’ll give you all the deets for how to participate. Choose your favorite challenge, and share photos of your WIPs with crafter from all over the country (and the world!). There’s a big yarncrafting community out there, and this is a special way to become a part of it all.

The Crafting Challenges

We dove deep on our favorite social media platforms, to find a variety of crafting challenges to share with you. While they all began February 1, no one’s keeping score! Simply choose the one that seems more exciting to you, and begin today!


The OhAreThey blog, run by Christina from Austin Texas, is hosting their second #yarnlovechallenge this month! She and her friend Mary (check out Mary’s blog here) came up with the idea in 2017, and it was a huge success. They’ve shared a calendar of daily prompts for ideas of what photos to share:

Crafting Challenges

From the oharethey blog.

There are many ways to get connected!

Of the best crafting challenges we could find, this is the only one with Ravelry & Facebook groups! We know everyone has different social media preferences, and encourage you to participate in the way that feels most comfortable to you.


This is a hashtag-only challenge, so you’ll need an Instagram account to participate! After some hunting, I found a schedule of post prompts via @creativececi, and it looks like she’s been participating daily. The prompts are a little different from the #yarnlovechallenge, so pick whichever seems most exciting to you!

Crafting Challenges

#Fiberuary rules from @creativececi on Instagram.


Finish It February Challenge

This challenge was shared on the Knit Collage blog by Amy Small, and she’ll have you looking at those long-neglected WIPs with new eyes! For this challenge, you’ll want to join their Facebook group, so it might not be the best challenge option for non-Facebook users.

Facebook or Instagram

You can join the group by clicking here, and you’ll be joining an intimate group of a couple hundred other friendly crafters! Amy has pinned some questions at the top of the page, so you can make a post to introduce yourself, the project you plan to finish this month, and even share a photo!

Speaking your goals aloud is one of the best ways to plan to achieve them. The group is open to crafters of all kinds, and is all about cheering each other on! If there’s a project you just haven’t been able to cast off, maybe you need some community support to get you to the finish line!

Let’s craft together!

Yarncrafting is such a beautiful creative expression, fostering much-needed alone time as well as a large community of crafters! Social media is such a neat way to meet this community, share projects, and get inspired by one another’s work. Let us know if you’ll be logging in & signing on to participate in a crafting challenge this month, or maybe starting small by posting a photo or two of your WIPs to share with friends. If you’re crafting with Lion Brand yarn or patterns, we’d love to see your projects, too! Hashtag us with #LionBrand, so we can celebrate you & your work.

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