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3 Spectacular Dishcloth Yarns

Ever thought about making your own dish cloths? With summer heating up, it's time to break out the fast-finish super-portable projects.  Dish cloths are lightweight, quick to make and easy to carry with you on vacation, to the beach or even on your commute. You can use a finished dishcloth right away in any season, and they make great gifts for summer guests or friends hosting picnics and cook outs.

Here are three cotton and cotton blend yarns that make excellent dish cloths, and a great dish cloth pattern for each one!

Recycled Cotton is a blend of acrylic yarn fiber and the cotton cuttings leftover in tee shirt factories. Using this yarn is a great way to recycle while enjoying the versatility of cotton blends. Try it out with the Cottontail Dishtowels. Cottontail Dishtowels in Recycled Cotton
Lion Cotton is 100% cotton, sturdy, strong and very absorbent, making it perfect for dishcloths! Try it out with the Dorothea Dishtowels. Dorothea Dish Towels
Cotton-Ease combines the cool hand of cotton and easy care of acrylic. The yarn comes in lovely colors and is easy to coordinate with your kitchen decor! Try it out with the Retro Dish Cloths. Retro Dish Cloths

With so many free dish cloth patterns and wash cloth patterns available on our website, the only thing you have to do is pick the perfect yarn and get started!

Have you made dishcloths lately, or used these yarns before? Leave a comment to let us know!

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