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Have You Seen Our 25 New Kits from October?

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Have You Seen Our 25 New Kits from October?

This past month, we rolled out over two dozen new kits on our website from some of our favorite designers. In case you missed any of them, we put together this kit roundup so you can see all the latest projects. With 25 new kits to choose from, you’ll definitely have options when it comes to your next WIP. Plus, as holidays near, kits make great gifts for the crafters in your life. To see all 25 new kits, knit and crochet, including 6 special styles from Two of Wands, read on!

25 New Kits to Craft

14 New Crochet Kits


Three crochet options from our 25 new kits are adorable winter accessories. Because accessories are quicker projects, they make great ideas for gifts – whether you want to gift the kit, or whip it up for someone on your list. The Rustic Canyon Scarf (Crochet Kit) is a very fun multi-color project, which are all Touch of Alpaca fibers. Nothing is easier than a project that lets you know just how long it will take. For example, our 3 Hour Mittens (Crochet Kit)! The Winterbury Cowl (Crochet Kit) is another cozy neck warmer, with fun bobble details.

The adorable Winslow Coat (Crochet Kit) could be worn alone on a brisk day, or underneath a more substantial coat on a colder day. The Sliced Diamonds Wrap (Crochet Kit) is another beautiful accessory, and one that’s sure to garner you many compliments with every wear. The Florence Backpack (Crochet Kit) is a fun project to end our accessories list with, because it’s a unique and quirky cary-all.


There are three fun cardigans on our crochet kits list: the Storybook Lane Cardigan (Crochet Kit), Bordeaux Bobble Cardigan (Crochet Kit), and the Canterbury Cardigan (Crochet Kit). All three of these cardis will be comfy layers to pull over any look, especially because they feature such beautiful neutral hues. Either choose your favorite, or craft all three!

As far as pullover styles go, we introduced the Rainier Sweater (Crochet Kit), which features a very cute collar. Then there’s the Lakeside Pullover (Crochet Kit). The Amelia Dress (Crochet Kit) is also a pullover style. If you’ve never tried stitching your own dress before, then you’re going to love this stylish, accessible pattern.

For Kids

We also have two cute kits for kits on our crochet list, the Summit Kids Sweater Vest (Crochet Kit) and Allie the Alpaca (Crochet Kit).

5 New Knit Kits

If you’re thinking of knitting a sweater this season, then we have three very cute projects for you to consider. The My Beginner Raglan (Knit Kit) is the perfect option for either first-time sweater knitters, or those looking for a quick turnaround. This knit kit also comes in some lovely, classic colors – check them out! Another accessible project is the Sonoma Sweater (Knit Kit), which comes in perfect Fall hues, too. But if you’re thinking of crafting the holidays, then we’d definitely suggest the My First Holiday Knit Sweater (Knit Kit)!

Two other new knit kit projects will be the sweet Twisted Rope Blanket (Knit Kit) and the Anouk Set (Knit Kit). Both would make great gifts, though for very different people on your list. This particular baby blanket would be nice for parents who’ve decided to be surprised by their baby’s gender – the sweet but neutral palette would be perfect for a boy or girl. Now, this accessory set is a great gift idea, especially because it comes in universally-pleasing neutral hues.

Which Kit Will You Pick?

If you want to see even more, designer Two of Wands also debuted a brand new set of 6 beautiful projects called the Cityscape Collection. So, which kit will you choose to craft first? We want to make sure we’re offering the latest in styles from not only our favorite designers, but new folks as well. As you may know, there are always sizing options and almost always additional colorways, so be sure to click though to get all the details. Let us know in the comments below which kits you like and plan to stitch up soon!

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