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2018 Trends: All-Over Texture, +15 Patterns

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2018 Trends: All-Over Texture, +15 Patterns

We’re back with the latest trend for 2018! Our 5 knit, crochet & yarn trends for the year started with Loose & Easy, and today we’re bringing you trend #2: All-Over Texture. For ideas to craft with all year long, read on for 15 patterns, and tips from our design team, to make all-over texture all your own. You’ll be incorporating it into your style in no time!

All-Over Texture

The Idea

If you’re intrigued by Pinterest ideas of how to add more accents to your wardrobe, but don’t know where to begin, texture can be a major inspiration. It’s more conventional to add a pop of color, or a bold accessory, but incorporating all-over texture makes a statement of personality. Textures activate our senses – even looking at something, we get a sense of the feeling. They’re inherently sensual, in an aesthetic way. By weaving more ‘feels’ into your personal fashion, you’re adding another layer with which to reveal your unique taste.

15 Ultra-Textured Patterns

Super-Textured Tops

Light-weight textured tops will take you from chillier weather into the spring. It’s difficult to style the transition when the weather’s different one day to the next, and a topper that breathes is an excellent solution. Our Graduated Eyelets Shawl (Knit) is a more complicated pattern, but we guarantee you’ll fall in love with  Persimmon Bamboo Cotton, and be grabbing it for a pop of color with everything. The combination of medium-weight yarn and open work crocheting gives the Devon Sleeveless Top (Crochet) breathability and warmth. A totally unusual piece!

The Feather & Fan Shawl (Knit) will also add some color to your day-to-day. With just one skein of Shawl in a Ball, you’ll have a delicate and feminine and flirty wrap in beautiful colors. Our Simple Stitch Top (Crochet) also has a flirtatiousness to it, with its casual peak-a-boo style! While we love the simple grey-tone pictured above, New Basic 175 offers many lovely colors to choose from. Whip yours up today!

Sweaters with Textures

A sweater with great texture can be the featured piece for your whole look. The Garter Stitch Pullover (Knit Kit) is a super-easy way to achieve it! Check out this video for more details:

Our Chillingworth Cabled Long Cardigan (Knit) is a gorgeous honeycomb texture that will flatter any body type. The undyed pure virgin wool of the Fishermen’s Wool it’s worked up in will make this an heirloom piece, for sure. For a completely different feel, check out the Easy Mesh Pullover (Crochet). Our crafters have loved it, though several reviews suggested grabbing an extra skein or two of yarn to complete the pattern.


All-over texture can be effective even in a smaller garment, like these open tops. The Cropped Kimono Cardigan (Knit) is a delicate topper, perfect over a dress or tank in warmer weather.

The Textured Cardigan (Crochet) is adorable! We can’t get enough of the bobbles and ribbed collar. While its original yarn, the Lion’s Pride Woolspun, is out of stock, you could substitute any Bulky 5 yarn.

Lastly, our Openwork Ruana (Crochet) has been wildly popular so far this year. You can throw it over anything to finish off your OOTD! Watch the video above for more.

All-Over Texture in Afghans

A textured afghan can add an extra element of visual interest to the focal point in your room. These are two intriguing options! The Shaded Three Strand Afghan (Crochet) uses four colors of Homespun Yarn, for added depth. You’ll be crocheting with three strands and a large hook, so this project will fly by! Our Brittas Bay Afghan (Knit) boasts cables and fringe, and a lot of sophistication! Wool-Ease Thick & Quick makes this a very cozy throw, and with a little math you could opt for our Bonus Bundles for fewer joins.

Textured Blankets for Baby

All-over texture can be stimulating for little hands, and these afghans would offer a lot of feels! The Basketweave Baby Afghan (Knit) is a perfect beginner project for the knitter who wants the perfect baby gift. Our 24/7 Cotton will be easy to care for, so this blankie can go anywhere. Our Heirloom Sampler Baby Afghan (Crochet) is made of a Pound of Love, and you can feel it in every square! Chandrima gave the pattern 5 stars, writing “Easy pattern and very pretty too.”

All-Over Texture is for Everybody!

All-Over Texture

Year of the Dog Sweater (Knit)

Texture looks fabulous on everybody, and we certainly couldn’t leave the puppers out. The Year of the Dog Sweater (Knit) will have your pooch looking fabulously on-trend when she steps out for a walk on the town. You’ll need at least one skein of Homespun Yarn in Deco (more, depending on your dog’s size!), and you’ll have one picture-worthy look!

The Tips

There are many stitches you can use to achieve a textured look, and we love them all: bobbles, cables, lace, the possibilities are endless! But if you’re planning to craft more casually, while watching TV for instance, or you prefer not to count your stitches, you can always opt for a textured yarn. You can also use two yarns together – we love combining Shawl in a Ball with any smooth yarn! The cotton slubs, brushed acrylic and long color changes add pizazz to any solid yarn. You can also increase your needle or hook size, and create a meshy wrap.

Whether you choose an accent piece, or a full-length cardigan, there’s no such thing as too much. Find a pattern with minimal shaping, like a simple kimono or ruana, and let your stitch work shine.
More is More! Take several of your favorite textured yarns and stripe them! Make sure your gauges match, and go wild.
Play with Color: There’s a long-held myth that you can’t craft in darker colors. While lighter colors do let your stitches shine, it’s an old wives’ tale that you can’t see your stitches in darker hues!
Balance it Out: We like to add an extra wide rib, or a dramatic turtleneck, to balance heavier textures.

Embrace All-Over Texture with Lion Brand

Here at Lion Brand we like to focus on style and not only on trends. Trends will come and go, but excellent style is lasting. Ultimately, there’s nothing more stylish than expressing yourself. We hope you’re more curious about how you could add all-over texture to your wardrobe, and will try some of our pattern suggestions above to get the look. Let us know in the comments if texture is a trend you’re already loving, or something new you’re going to try!

Written with Adina Klein, of the Lion Brand design team.

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