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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Yarn Crafting Seen At New York Comic Con

    New York Comic Con has been over for more than two weeks and I’m still suffering from the post-con depression (i.e. that listless, nostalgic feeling you get when you've just returned from Disneyland). However I’m still going through all the photos I took from the event.  To my surprise, I saw quite a few yarn crafts and couldn't help but share them with you.

    They were all impressively creative because the majority required no pattern, just a lot of imagination.

     rwby  drwristers boo
    This girl crocheted her entire
    Ruby Rose (RWBY) cosplay.
    Doctor Who wristwarmers
    found on Etsy.
    An adorable Boo costume from Monsters, Inc.
     r2d2  pokemon  littlesister-bioshock
    This needle felted R2D2
    took at least 6 months to make.
    She just started to learn crochet and wanted to show off her skills with
    this Magikarp (Pokemon) hat.
    She said she didn't know how to sew, and crocheted her props for
    her Little Sister cosplay (Bioshock) instead.

    Ever tried to crochet or knit an entire costume? Or ever seen one that totally impressed you? Tell us!

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  • Eight Arms to Love You With: My Daughter's Halloween Costume


    My daughter loves octopuses (or is it octopi?) and is almost never caught without holding one of her 7 stuffed octopuses or wearing one of her growing closet of socks and tees.  When I saw this pattern for an octopus costume there was no contest as to what she wanted to be.  She got so excited and immediately asked that it be made in her favorite colors: purple and "lellow" (yellow) with pink spots.

    Crocheting the entire thing would be a feat that would've taken more than a month’s planning.  And while I could quilt, the pattern was beyond my skill level.  Thankfully Jackie, our Technical Editor, was an expert seamstress and offered to help out.   Since I love creating new things using yarn, I wanted to add some personal handmade touches.

    But I also didn’t want it to be just handmade – I wanted it to sparkle and glitter.

    When I first saw the pattern I immediately wanted crocheted medallions for the suckers and the spots.
    Vanna’s Glamour fit perfectly with what I wanted, and her mustard gold yarn went well with the deep purple velvet fabric.  Soon I was swept up in a creative moment and started picking out more colors like light gold and pink, which would give the costume a cool, colorful, and textured look.  Even Michala, our Design intern, found it so adorable that she also wanted to assist.  Since I knew she was fast crocheter, I asked if she could make some medallions whenever she had free time.

    By the time I looked away, I found a pile of medallions of varying sizes already on the table.  She even had extra time to crochet the eyes and a pink bow too!

    Then I saw Martha Stewarts CraftsTM/MC Glitter Eyelash yarn and it all came together.  The sparkly polka dots, the giant eyes with purple eyelashes, even the pink bow on its head. When I showed my daughter the finished product she couldn't wait to get it on her.

    Michala crocheting away The growing pile of octopus spots Sewing it altogether
    Michala crocheting away The growing pile of octopus spots Sewing it altogether.

    The only bad (or good) part will be trying to take it off her once Halloween’s over.

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  • Video: How to Make a Simple Rubber Band Bracelet

    Learn to use your Martha Stewart Crafts™ Knit & Weave Loom Kit to make a basic rubber band bracelet.

    Click here to get the written instructions for this project.


    If you’re reading this blog post in your email or an RSS reader, please click on the title to view the full blog post and video on our website.

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