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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • What's Reverse Shaping and How Do I Do It?

    Throughout this season, we’re reposting some of our favorite columns by Barbara Breiterauthor of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting & Crocheting, previously featured in our Weekly Stitch newsletter.

    When knitting cardigans, you are making two fronts that are reversed and mirror images of each other. The armholes are on opposite sides of your knitting as is the neck shaping.

    The neck and armhole edges are at their logical, respective places. When you are knitting the right side of the piece, you are looking at the reverse of how it will be worn. With the right side of the work facing the public, hold the left or right front up against you. This is the easiest way to tell which is the armhole edge and which is the neck edge if you get confused.

    Almost all cardigan patterns will give you exact instructions for knitting one front; the instructions for the other front will usually tell you to knit it the same way, but reverse shaping. This can seem like a cryptic instruction intended to confuse you, but it avoids pattern errors (like one side being written one way and then the other side being written differently).

    To reverse the shaping, work the shaping at the opposite end from where you worked it for the first front. The armhole shaping and decreases must be at opposite ends so that when it's sewn together, you will have one armhole on the left and one on the right. The neck shaping must be on the inside of both pieces, where it would logically be.

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  • Great Customer Projects from STITCHES Midwest!

    One of the best parts of attending craft shows like STITCHES Midwest for me is seeing projects that customers have made with Lion Brand yarn. Some customers approach me shyly, while others proudly brandish their handiwork. They're often surprised when I enthusiastically ask to take their pictures, they have no idea how gratifying these moments are for me! Check out some of my favorite finds from the last show!

    swing dress

    Swing dress made with Amazing yarn.

    Click here to learn more about this pattern.

    mitered ridges top

    Mitered Ridges Top made with Lion Brand® LB Collection® Cotton Bamboo

    Click here to get the knit pattern.

    fishermen poncho

    Poncho made with Fishermen's Wool®

    She made this project back in the '70s (wow!) so the pattern is no longer available.

    hexagon market bag

    Hexagon Market Bag made with Lion® Cotton

    Click here to get the crochet pattern.

    lily collage

    The highlight of the show was definitely when designer Lily Chin came to our booth wearing a girl scout costume that she made with Recycled Cotton  in Seagrass, Kitchen Cotton in Olive, and Bonbons in Brights and Celebrate were for her badges.

    *Please note: this is an original design so no pattern is available*

    Didn't get to see us at the last show? Come visit us at STITCHES East from November 10-11 in Hartford, CT! Don't forget to bring you Lion Brand projects!

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  • Colorfully Modern Cardigan Pattern: Now Available in 2X, 3X, 4X!

    Colorfully Modern Cardigan Crochet-Along | Lion Brand NotebookWe had requests from quite a few of you for larger sizes so that you could participate in our Crochet-Along—and since we'd love for you to join in, we've worked with our tech editors to grade up the pattern for additional plus sizes.

    Click here to download the UPDATED pattern.

    We have also added kits for these larger sizes. Save 25% when you order all of the materials described in the pattern.

    Click here to order the kits for 25% off.

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