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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • From Our Newsletter Archives: Quick Project Recommendations from Our Design Department

    Looking for a fast, last minute gift for an anniversary, birthday, or baby shower? The secret is basic stitches and multiple strands of yarn, says Jackie Smyth, Lion Brand's technical editor. I asked Jackie to recommend two quick and simple patterns for beautiful afghans on the fly and all about why she likes them.

    Fast Finish Throw Speed Hook Baby Blanket
    Fast Finish Throw
    Speed Hook Crochet Baby Afghan

    You’ve chosen two simple, speedy patterns for our readers. What’s your first recommendation?
    I love the Fast Finish Throw because it’s just about as simple as they come. The beautiful colors in this afghan are soothing and it has a wonderful texture.

    This project is easy and fast for two reasons: First, it’s made using only stockinette stitch. And second, it’s worked on Speed Stix, our exclusive size 50 knitting needles. When you work with Speed Stix the resulting fabric is quite forgiving so exact gauge is not a worry, making it simpler for knitters of all levels. When you knit with Speed Stix, it creates stitches that are an inch tall, which means that you see results quickly.

    What about the gorgeous colors in this afghan? How did you get that blended effect?
    The Fast Finish Throw is made with several different colors of Jiffy yarn held together, so it has the beautiful look of tweed. It's a gorgeous look without a lot of effort, something that everyone from beginners to designers can appreciate.

    That definitely sounds like a great, simple project. What’s the second pattern you’d like to recommend to our readers?
    My second recommendation is our Speed Hook Baby Blanket. You only need to know how to do a single crochet stitch to make this one! This blanket is made with our size S-35 Speed Hook, which is an extra large crochet hook. Again, your gauge doesn’t have to be exact with the Speed Hook. Like the first afghan, this adorable baby blanket also uses multiple strands of yarn—this time three strands of Cotton-Ease—which not only makes it extremely fast to crochet, but adds dimension to the color. You can make it in the recommended colors, our alternative color combination, or in colors of your own choosing. I think that this one is absolutely perfect to make for a last minute gift.

    So what are the main things that our readers should remember about these projects?
    Again, the key to the ease and beauty of both of these projects is simplicity. You can use basic stitches and super-sized needles and hooks, along with multiple strands of yarn worked together, to make these simple and satisfying blankets.


    A version of this article first ran in The Weekly Stitch newsletter in July 2007. Click here to sign up for the newsletter and get articles, free patterns, and exclusive offers in your inbox each week. 

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  • Ramon the Lion Gets a New Scarf

    Ramon | Lion Brand NotebookThis is a guest blog post by Carolyn, our customer support supervisor. Her first blog post about Ramon, the lion statue by our NJ office door, can be read here

    Back at the Carlstadt office, Ramon was thinking that he needed something new for spring...

    Something stylish and fresh...and bold like his roar. After all, his current neckwear was getting tired.

    So, he tried out our new color of Neon Pink in our Hometown USA line—what do you think?

    Looks like he is ready to kick it into spring with his new look!

    The pattern I used was Crocheted Rosettes/Flowers (free on LionBrand.com) – I used the largest size and just didn’t close up the Rosette.

    P.S. I like to use this pattern for scarves for other things like stuffed animals and dolls—with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

    Happy Spring!

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  • Love the Earth with Our Organic Yarns

    Yarn crafting is a great way to feel one with nature--creating something from scratch in a peaceful environment, instead of fighting mall crowds to pick up that mass-produced sweater, is one of the purest activities of them all. This is true no matter what fiber you've decided to use, but especially so with all-natural fibers. In our final ode to Earth Month, I want to tell you a little bit about two of our all-natural, organic yarns.

    LB Collection Organic Wool is one of our affordable luxury fibers, and comes in five rich and beautiful tones to create stunning hand-knits. This worsted-weight yarn is a great choice for fall sweaters and bold felted projects. Not only is the fiber 100% organically produced, it is also dyed with low-impact dyes, and has been certified according to Global Organic Textiles Standards by the Institute of Marketecology. When you're ready to get knitting or crocheting, we have 20 patterns designed specifically for this yarn listed on LionBrand.com. Click here to see pattern inspiration for Organic Wool.
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