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Monthly Archives: October 2010

  • Staff Projects @ Lion Brand Yarn Studio

    Here at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, our unique retail store in NYC, the entire staff knits, crochets, and yarncrafts, sharing their skills in the dozens of classes and workshops we offer...and like other yarncrafters, they love to show off their FOs (that's "finished objects" in yarn-speak) by wearing them to the Studio. I always love stopping by the Studio and seeing what projects they're working on both for the Studio and in their personal lives. Earlier this month, two of our lovely Studio mavens happened to have brand new sweaters:

    Andrea (left) is wearing her new Victoria Cardigan, knit in the Bluebell color of our beautiful new Baby Wool. It's a 100% wool yarn that's machine washable AND dryable, making it super-durable and easy care, and the contemporary spring palette makes for great baby AND adult women's garments.

    Kendra (right) is wearing her modified version of the Owls Sweater, knit in Wool-Ease Chunky in Nantucket. She changed it from a pullover to a cardigan by steeking the sweater and knitting button bands--how cool is that?

    Do you have a project that you've made in Lion Brand yarns that you'd like to show off? Click here to submit it to our Customer Gallery.

    Want to see the Studio's customers and their projects? Click here to see the Studio's News & Events Blog's "Look What I Made" blog posts.

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  • Enter Our Lola Halloween Caption Contest!

    Last year, we invited you to finish our Halloween Lola comic strip. We were so thrilled with your responses that we'd like you to do it again this year! Fill out the questions below (the section with the yellow background) and click the "Done" button by Sunday, October 31 at 11:59 PM Eastern time for your chance to win! Our four favorites will each receive a $25 gift certificate to LionBrand.com and a copy of our new Lola comic book! Only one entry per person will count. Remember, your caption must be entered into the survey for your chance to win; comments will not count in the contest. Your entry will not be displayed in the comments section. Once you have clicked "Done", your entry has been submitted.

    - Only open to residents in country to which Lion Brand ships. Click here to view our international shipping countries.
    - Entrants must be at least 18 years old old.
    - In the event of a tie where there are multiple submissions of the same line/caption, the first submission will win.

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  • Pearl's Cardigan Crochet-Along, Part 5: Lower Body and Modifications

    Have you tried on your sweater yet? I have, and although I have my heart set on a longer vest, I know I would be happy with a shorter cardi if I finished now, too.

    I just passed the point where the pattern states to separate for the side vents. The reason I added side vents to this design is because I like extra hip ease in my sweaters. First, I think it is like an optical illusion of having shaping in the waist of the sweater. I personally find it to be more comfortable than something with actual waist shaping. That is why in this design I added the belt-loop holes so you can customize the amount of cinching you desire on any given day you wear the sweater. The hip ease adds to the contrast of your custom waist cinching.

    As I was crocheting along this week, I realized that this particular pattern would be really easy to modify for increases, so I chose to make another modification and keep the lower body intact (without side vents) but still keep the hip ease. If you are making the side vents (as the pattern calls for) you will still be working even in the pattern, but working in sections, dividing the body into 4 equal parts (1 each for the right and left front, and 2 for the back). I decided to make increases within the pattern for the hip ease instead of separating for side vents. Today, I will explain how you can, too.

    However many repeats of the pattern you have (mine has 38), you need to divide your stitches into 4 equal parts. Because mine has 4 equal sets of 9 repeats plus 2 repeats, I chose to work my increases on both sides of the extra stitch. For example, on the sc, ch5 row when I complete 9 repeats, I work an extra repeat into the same stitch, work the next repeat, then make an extra repeat in the same stitch, and continue evenly across the row. If yours has a perfect multiple of 4, simply work your increases on either side of 2 repeats instead of either side of 1 repeat as in the photo.

    Increase row

    On the subsequent rows, I work even in the stitch pattern. Here is what it looks like after the next row:

    Next row of pattern worked even

    And here is what it looks like after you work 2 more rows:

    Continuing to work even in pattern

    Notice how smooth and barely noticeable the increases are. By working 4 increases in the one row, I added 4" ease to the hip area of my sweater. I think that is plenty for a relaxed fit sweater. If you wanted more swing in yours, I would work another set of increases in the same position (for a total of 8" increase in the hip section). I tried my sweater on at this point today, and if I were going to add sleeves, I think I would consider this shorter hip-length for the sweater. But for a sleeveless vest, I want to balance everything out with a longer body. It was tempting, but I'm sticking with my plan. I have been shopping for a sheer silk leopard scarf to use as a belt. No luck yet, but I'm still hopeful. In the meantime, back to my hook!

    This week I will be finishing up the last few inches of the sweater and working the edging. Next week, I'll demonstrate the edging, talk about the sleeves and sleeveless modifications and finish up my sweater. I'll go through the blocking process, laundering of handmade specialty garments and my tips on styling your new sweater!

    Happy Crocheting!

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