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Monthly Archives: May 2010

  • Did You Know...? Vanna's Choice Colors Are Meant to Mix and Match

    Vanna's Choice yarns are great to work with and easy care, but did you know that all the colors were expertly designed to go with each other?  Jess and I decided to test the theory, and using Vanna's Choice and Vanna's Choice Baby we came up with over ten different color palettes!  The options are endless, but these few color combinations are a great jumping off point.  You can use them as they are, or pick as many colors as you need from each.

    We started with the basics (note: captions list colors in order from left to right, top to bottom):

    Then we picked palettes based off of individual colors (Greens, Neutrals, and Pinks):

    Silver Blue, Silver Grey, Charcoal Grey, Dark Grey Heather, Navy,  Pearl Mist, Wheat, Oatmeal, Grey Marble, Barley, Taupe, Chocolate Cake,  Toffee, Chocolate, and Espresso Silver Blue, Silver Grey, Charcoal Grey, Dark Grey Heather, Navy, Pearl Mist, Wheat, Oatmeal, Grey Marble, Barley, Taupe, Chocolate Cake, Toffee, Chocolate, and Espresso
    Dusty Purple, Dusty Rose, Antique Rose, Pink, Rose, Lullaby Pink

    Then we picked color themes (Muted, Deep, Brights):

    Purple, Dusty Blue, Taupe, Rust, Mustard, Honey, Antique Rose, Dusty Rose, Dusty Purple, Dusty Green
    Rust, Olive, Pea Green, Cranberry, Wildberry, Burgundy
    Magenta, Sapphire, Fern, Scarlet, Mustard, and Berrylicious

    We also picked seasonal colors (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn):

    Charcoal Grey, Dusty Blue, Navy, Purple, Espresso, Olive, Burgundy, and Cranberry
    Little Boy Blue, Lamb, Toffee, Ducky, Sweet Pea, Magenta, Dusty Rose, and Fern
    Angel White, Mustard, Terracotta, Pea Green, Mint, Pink Poodle, Cheery Cherry, Eggplant, Sapphire, and Aqua
    Rust, Mustard, Toffee, Cranberry, Pea Green, Brick, Terracotta

    You could also make your own entirely different Vanna's Choice combos or themes.  No matter what colors you pick from the line, they always look perfect together.  The Vanna's Choice Fan Club on Ravelry picks color themes and does swaps, knowing that no matter what they end up with, it'll match perfectly.  What are you favorite Vanna's Choice color combos?

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  • Spotted: A Crochet Bike in NYC

    I was walking through the Lower East Side of New York City when I spotted this bike, completely covered in crochet. Notice that even the kick-stand and wheels are completely covered!

    I'm not sure where it came from or why it was there, but it was a fun sight that reminded me of the surprising places you can come across yarn art.

    In what unexpected places have you spotted yarn? Let us know by leaving a comment!

    Updated: Turns out the bike is a piece by Olek, a Brooklyn-based crochet artist who works in colorful crochet, creating arresting moments of pop colors in the urban landscape!

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  • Washcloths: A Great Way To Satisfy The Urge To Knit and Crochet In Warmer Months

    We have recently started our "washcloth of the week" series in our newsletter, The Weekly Stitch.  (If you don't already get it, click here to get started signing up.) Just to give you an idea that washcloths can be an interesting and beautiful project, here are a two highly rated examples (click the photos to go to the patterns):

    If you are visiting a friend during the summer, celebrating a birthday, anniversary or housewarming, a gift set that includes washcloths in a beautiful basket or box, accompanied by some luxurious soaps or bath products makes a thoughtful, personalized gift.  Just select the colors that you think would work for your friend's decor.

    We would love to hear about any ideas that you have for gifting washcloths!

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