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Monthly Archives: March 2009

  • Thanks!

    We wanted to thank this blogger for a lovely review of our website.

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  • Moderne Jacket Crochet-Along: Working the Front Panels

    This weekend was a pretty productive time for me and my Moderne Jacket – and I found out that this is a very portable project. I've been a "swim mom" for more than a few years and this weekend found me on bleachers with my CAL jacket during a 3 day meet. I always like to look around and see what the other knitters and crocheters are working on – there was sock, poncho, afghan and a dog sweater in the making at that meet!

    Even though I had finished the back and was starting work on the left front, I didn't leave that jacket back piece out of my yarn bag. I've found that one of the worst mistakes I can make “on the road” (or on the bleachers) is to leave at home the rest of my project. Although I'll follow the pattern of my project and take notes, it's helpful and reassuring to have other pieces as reference for the piece I'm working on at that moment.

    So, when I was working on the left front, I kept my back nearby to check measurements to the underarm, and the raglan shaping. In my last post I talked about "lining up" the stitch pattern while working the decreases in the pattern. Besides counting my stitches after those decrease rows, I laid the front on the back to make sure the shaping was going along well. The left front actually turned out nicely and so I used the left front as reference for the right front.

    Many times the instructions for the second front says to work it the same as the first front, reversing shaping. I know as a teacher that the term "reverse shaping" can seem rather daunting – but here's something that I always do to make sure the fronts are the same, but reversed. When I finish my first front, I lay it upside down while I am working the second front. Then as I work the second front, I lay it on top of the first and this helps to make a perfect "mirror image. So here are both fronts "reflecting" each other!

    (Click the photo to see it enlarged.)

    Oh, and here's one more thing that makes this pattern easier to shape for the second front -- the crochet stitch pattern that is used in this jacket is reversible. So, if you don't mind the bottom edge of your fronts looking a little different you can actually make two left fronts and just turn one around for the right front! What's not to love about reversible stitch patterns?

    Now that I have started a sleeve, I'm making sure to keep one of the fronts in my yarn bag, and I will make sure the raglan sleeve shaping will be the same length as the fronts. I'm betting that you see where I'm going with this, because I will definitely keep that first sleeve around when I make the second! Doing all this will make sure I won't have any unpleasant surprises when I go to sew all these pieces together.

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  • Weaving in the Great Outdoors

    Our friend, artist and weaver, Travis Meinolf is back with another Action Weaver video. Click here to watch it. (Recognize the yarn he's using?)

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