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170,000 yards of yarn later . . .

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170,000 yards of yarn later . . .

On October 1st we announced we would be knitting and crocheting in the window of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, to make scarves for charity.  In addition, we announced we would be collecting donations of hats and scarves from our area customers to be donated to our local charity, Partnership for the Homeless.  Many New York area yarncrafters participated, in addition, the blog sparked the interest of yarncrafters around the country to reach out to their own local charities through our Charity Connection.

8 weeks and nearly 170,000 of yards later, we collected from our customers:

170 Scarves

251 Hats

Click here to read about the Lion Brand Yarn Studio staff’s contribution.

It was amazing seeing all the great hats & scarves that were created, and experiencing the kindness and generosity of so many of our customers.

When we were packing up the scarves I recognized a few of my favorite Lion Brand yarns and Lion Brand patterns.

Here’s the Thermal Scarf, done in Fisherman’s Wool.

Here’s the Meandering Rib Scarf done in Wool-Ease

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  • Ladies in our Women’s Ministry of our church just started a knitting and crocheting ministry called “Yarn for Yhwh” in July. About 12 of us knitted or crocheted 12 small afghan/wraps and even more scarves in October for “Kids’ Crossing” which is a way-station for children moving into foster care under urgent circumstances. Many times these children arrive with just the clothes they are wearing. We provide tote bags and backpacks with personal items as well as toys, books and blankets for their comfort. These tote bags go with these children from there on. Then in December we provided 4 afghans, 6 shawls and 8 scarves for TESSA, a home for abused women and children. Our women’s ministry provides Christmas baskets for these moms and their kids each year. Yarn for Yhwh has been very excited to participate in these efforts. We are also looking forward to providing even more next year.

    Patty says: That sounds so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and your skill with others!

  • Please send me some of the scarf patterns that can be knitted. I will be glad knit scrarves out of my left over yarns. Please send patterns for needles of all sizes above 8.

    Zontee says: Hi Margaret, we have over 400 free scarf patterns on Please simply go to and type “scarf” in the search box to find patterns you might like. You can use the Charity Connection link above to find a charity to donate to. Also, when donating to a charity in your area, please contact them first to see if they have specific requirements.

    Finally, please note that once you submit a comment, it may take a minute for your computer register the change on the web page (you can always click the refresh button at the top of your web browser to see if there are changes), but please rest assured that we got your comment; you don’t need to submit a comment to let us know that you submitted a comment. Hope that helps!

  • This is our second year of donating hats and scarves to the local schools and chemo caps and scarves to the area chemo labs. Last year 8 of us managed to make 435 pieces total. Unfortunately this years total is a little less, but still respectable. Think this year will end up at about 400, haven’t got final totals yet. We are a small group of ladies that meet once a month and visit and knit or crochet. We are called the Knitwits and Hookers.With our unemployment rate at 16% a lot of kids are in need of hats and scarves. Also make some baby blankets and prayer shawls. Always glad to read of others that are doing this ministry. Very enjoyable.

    Patty says: I love your group name! 400 is pretty darn impressive. Keep it up!

  • I wish I was in NY so I could join in. Instead I’m trying to do my little bit where I live as I am inspired by your stories! Keep them coming. Thanks.

  • I wanted to help the homless in my city also by making scarfs and hats but it’s too much for me alone and I did ask people on line but only one person reply. I have health issues and MS but I would like to help the ones who needs help.
    When I lived in the East Kootenay and owned a restaurant, I made dinner on Christmas evening and give little gifts who came. They also had a plate full to take with them for the next meal.
    I buy your yarn and I’m very proud of you company for doing what you do. Best wishes to you all and
    keep up the good work.
    Maria & family

  • We did something similar in my Junior Woman’s Club. After reading “Friday Night Knitting Club” we decided to learn as a group and try to make 100 scarves for migrant worker’s wives and homeless woman in our area. 10 of us combined to knit or crochet 101 scarves and one woman cranked out 35 in 3 months!
    Through this we have formed quite a tight knitting circle and have all moved on to more difficult projects. We are looking for next year’s charity, as we are burnt out on scarves for now.

  • Kay,
    Where are you? I am in Florida but I knit scarves all of the time for Christmas gifts. I use special yarns and combine them so that they are not heavy because we are much warmer here. Hopefully soon the weather will get a little cooler; we have had it with the heat/humidity.

    I should start some kind of circle here in my condo complex. If anyone knows of a place in need
    of such items mentioned above, LET ME KNOW PLEASE. I can see what I can do about it. Thank you.

    Zontee says: Hi Janice, please see previous comments, as well as the original post for a link to our Charity Connection, which allows you to search our database for organizations looking for knit & crochet donations in your area.

  • Janice if you look on the Charity Finder link you can enter your city and state(or anywhere you see feel the need) and it will list charities and groups in your area and what they need. It’s a really great link. I have knit caps every year for Caps for the Capitol through Save the Children and also Afghans for Afghanistan(really woolen hats, mittens, socks, and sweaters for children in Afghanistan). But there are so many groups that send hats and scarves to our troops, as well as to homeless families, and for chemo caps and prayer shawls for your local hospitals. Happy knitting!

  • Stitch “N” Bitch in Abbot, Maine knitted 110 hats, scarves, and mittens. We gave them to the Kiwanis for their Christmas project, Womancare, and Foster Children. It certainly made us all feel good. Our next project is helmet liners for the troops.

  • I would love to get the pattern for the helmet liners. My son was in Iraq in 2007-08 and had requested some for his unit, but I was unable to find the pattern. My knitting talent is novice at best, but it’s an enjoyable adventure none the less.
    Debra Lee
    Waycross, GA

  • I have been knitting scarves for the past seven years and selling them at craft fairs, etc., to raise funds for a charity in India for untouchable children ( I send the entire purchase price, (not only the proceeds)to the charity. The cost of yarn is my donation to the charity. People have been most supportive and generous and I have been able to send $52,0000 in the past seven years! Right now I have been doing this single handedly, with some help from two knitters… would love some additional help.

    Zontee says: Hi Elaine, please see previous comments, as well as the original post for a link to our Charity Connection, where you can list your organization so that others can find you.

  • you can find patterns for helmet liners on Google as well as Lion Brand and other knitting sites

  • I recently retired, and would love to get back to my kniting and crocheting by helping others. Please let me know what I need to do to get started?

    Thank you.

    Zontee says: Hi Audrey, please see previous comments, as well as the original post for a link to our Charity Connection, which allows you to search our database for organizations looking for knit & crochet donations in your area.

  • I was very disappointed when I was told crocheting for our newborns, or chemo caps for the cancer center was out. It was not an acceptable community service to fill a job requirement. Reading about this I know they were wrong and when I retire I will be able to do what I want. Hopefully my church will start a prayer shawl group. So for now I crochet for gifts and an occasional prayer shawl, and my grandchild. The greatest gift anyone could give me is time. Keep up the good work, you give me hope for our troubled world.

  • There are a few knitters and crocheters at my church and we need to do this as well. What our Missionary Society does every Christmas is give away gently used cloting for 3 Saturdays in December. There are hats and scarves in those clothing giveaways. It is cold here. I give those that I make and other items as well. The event is called “Miracle on Long Street” (Our cccchurch is on Long Street” and we also have a live Nativity, with a camel and other animals and provide free dinners to all who come. The City transit company brings bus loads of people in for the event. They fill up bags that they have or we have a supply of large bags togive them. It is a great event and the youth of hte church and sone of the Buckeye Football team have volunteered with us in the past. Because of your wonderful messages about your charity events, I would like to start doing that with some of the women from the church and donate it to Miracle on Long Stret, where the homeless come and pick them up along with coats and a free hot meal. I have many containers of yarn to use up and could even provide some others some of it. I always pick up yarn when I see a special, have ordered yarn from Lion Brand and have so many patterns from Lion Brand. I am retired so time is on my side and your articles have encouraged creativity again. Thanks.

  • Hello,
    I love getting your newsletter. This summer when I started getting it there was an article that inspired me to find a charity that could use my crocheting talent. It took some time but I found one. I am now crocheting year round for this particular charity. Thank you for the inspiration! Thank you for helping to make this world a better place through service.

  • My Daughter has been knitting scarfs and hats for the homeless in our home town Bend, Oregon for a few years now. She gives them a bottle of water, snack and a Bible verse. Thank you for your idea to get this going in a bigger way.

  • I too am very taken with the descripttions of what so many people are doing with their talents to bless others in need. I am trying to get a prayer shawl group started at my church but am having some trouble drumming up support! Would love some suggestions from your crafters who have started a group as to how they did it! I know there must be a way!! Thanks so much.

  • Our prayer shawl knitting circle at our church, Faith UMC in Tulsa OK, knitted over 80 scarves and hats for a local shelter in Tulsa. We had so much fun! Our next “extra” project is chemo caps inspired by this website. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas. Laura Eldridge

  • My mom and I are involved with the local Project Linus chapter, I crochet and Mom sews blankets. I really like Vanna’s Choice brand yarn and I made the lap blanket in her book, Color It Beautiful Afghans, I used the exact colors in the book, I was so happy with how it turned out. I am now working on one in pink and pearl mist, I plan to do the border in pink.

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