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170,000 yards of yarn later . . .

On October 1st we announced we would be knitting and crocheting in the window of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, to make scarves for charity.  In addition, we announced we would be collecting donations of hats and scarves from our area customers to be donated to our local charity, Partnership for the Homeless.  Many New York area yarncrafters participated, in addition, the blog sparked the interest of yarncrafters around the country to reach out to their own local charities through our Charity Connection.

8 weeks and nearly 170,000 of yards later, we collected from our customers:

170 Scarves

251 Hats

Click here to read about the Lion Brand Yarn Studio staff's contribution.

It was amazing seeing all the great hats & scarves that were created, and experiencing the kindness and generosity of so many of our customers.

When we were packing up the scarves I recognized a few of my favorite Lion Brand yarns and Lion Brand patterns.

Here's the Thermal Scarf, done in Fisherman's Wool.

Here's the Meandering Rib Scarf done in Wool-Ease

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