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12 Knit & Crochet Patterns for Thanksgiving Decor

I grew up in a household where my mother would change the display on our front hall table, dining room table, and living room sideboard with the seasons. In the summer, we might have seashells artfully arranged in hurricane glasses. In the winter, there might be whitewashed branches with delicate glass ornaments hanging from their branches. My mom managed to evoke lovely moods with creative items found or made--on a budget. Since I don't get to visit my parents' house as often as I'd like, I add whimsical touches of the season to my own home now.

Knit, crochet, and craft your own decor items for the fall season. I've picked out 12 patterns that are great stash-busters (so you can clear space for more yarn!) as well as as items that can be made as a set (so you get the most mileage out of your yarn purchase).

For knitters who like the felt designs below: knit a large rectangle of wool, felt it well, and then cut out the leaf-designs to make your own version. Want to knit your own leaves? Click here for a stitch pattern.


Image of Fall Wreath Image of Fall Foliage Felted Wreath Image of Thanksgiving Wreath
Knit Fall Wreath Crochet Fall Foliage Felted Wreath Wrapped Thanksgiving Wreath

Tablescape Items

Image of Harvest Bowl Image of Tom Turkey Image of Thanksgiving Gourds
Crochet Harvest Bowl Crochet Tom Turkey Crochet Thanksgiving Gourds

Napkin Rings

Image of Napkin Rings Image of Bountiful Napkin Rings Image of Napkin Rings
Wrapped Napkin Wrings Crochet Bountiful Napkin Rings Crochet Napkin Rings

Serving Items

Image of Felted Leaf Coasters Image of Fall Wineglass Decorations Image of Felted Leaves Table Runner
Crochet Felted Leaf Coasters Crochet Fall Wineglass Decorations Crochet Felted Leaves Table Runner

Have a favorite pattern that's not listed below? Share it in the comments!

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  • allison

    I totally love the turkey and the gourds. . .just wishing there was a knit version!

  • chele

    aww they are all so adorable! I wish I could crochet but I just can't wrap my head around it. Knitting sure np but crochet? nope :(

  • Sharlie

    SO CUTE! I'm opposite of Chele & crochet but just can't get the hang of knitting. So I'm happy for crochet projects anytime. We need a balance of both in similar patterns please.