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12 Favorite Vanna’s Choice Patterns

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12 Favorite Vanna’s Choice Patterns

As many of our crafters know, a portion of every purchase of Vanna’s Choice is donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This past week, we reached a milestone in our decade of donations – $2 million. Such an extraordinary gift was made possible because of crafters like you, who choose Vanna’s Choice for your projects. So to celebrate, we rounded up 12 favorite Vanna’s Choice patterns, highlighting the best reason for crafting with Vanna’s.

12 Favorite Vanna’s Choice Patterns

Accessorize with Vanna’s Choice

One of the most complimented qualities of Vanna’s Choice is how well it washes. Because it’s mostly Acrylic (some colors are 100% acrylic, some are blends), you can machine wash & dry. This becomes especially convenient when you’re making accessories, which get a bit more wear than other projects due to everyday use. Even if you choose to launder them often, when you use Vanna’s Choice, they’ll keep their color and stitch definition. The Cottonwood Cowl (Crochet) is that gorgeous yellow that’s everywhere this season. Another project with some of that trendy yellow is the Soren Scarf (Crochet). For something complementary, we love the Two Color Slouch Hat (Crochet). Pair this hat with either this cowl or scarf for an adorable winter combo.

Make Vanna’s Favorite Project

Another aspect of Vanna’s Choice that crafters mention again and again is how well it holds together, without splitting. So you can see how key this would be when whipping up one of Vanna’s favorite projects, the afghan. Especially when it comes to the Cloisters Afghan (Knit). This gorgeous project will almost certainly become an heirloom piece, with its intricate textures and timeless color. Now, our Neopolitan Ripple Throw (Knit) is a classic in another way! This nostalgic color palette is more familiar to us in sweet treats, but why not home décor? Especially with such trendy chevrons, which make it very of-the-moment. Then there’s our iconic Wheel of Fortune Mandala Afghan (Crochet). This unique shape, with all its eye-catching colors, is sure to become a centerpiece in any room.

So Many Vibrant Colors

Lots of crafters reach for Vanna’s because of the truly inspiring color palette. With almost 60 unique colors, including heathers and twists, there’s definitely something for every project. The Zooey Raglan Pullover (Knit) is a chance to either show off your striping skills, or try something new! The Tampa Top (Crochet) is also very new – this cut-out style rose in popularity last year, and is becoming even more interesting this season. Both the color and the sleeve cut-outs are very in right now, and it’s always fun to try something fresh. Another of our favorite Vanna’s Choice patterns is the Cowl Neck Pullover (Knit). If you like just a pop of a brighter color, then this would be a lovely project for you!

Plus Timeless Neutrals

We adore the City Sleek Ruana (Crochet), which makes a cozy & classic layer for cold weather. Plus, it’s lovely to see Vanna herself modeling a Lion Brand pattern! For a layer with a bit more personality, check out the Chatsworth Cable Poncho (Knit), which features both ribbing and cables. The combination makes for a striking effect, so this is a statement piece to pair with leggings or something similarly simple. Vanna models another project, the Naturally Neutral Vest (Knit), in more lovely neutral hues. If you’re thinking of adding another piece to your winter wardrobe, then it’s wise to choose something that will go with almost anything, so this vest would be a great option.

What Do You Make With Vanna’s?

We’d love to hear about your favorite projects you’ve worked up with this yarn, and to thank you for choosing Vanna’s Choice. Because you choose Vanna’s, we’re able to contribute to the incredible work St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is doing to provide care and treatment to children with cancer and their families, and eventually find a cure. Make a difference with your crafting when you select a skein of this special yarn, and choose one of these 12 favorite Vanna’s Choice patterns.

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  • Does Vanna crochet, or knit herself? Thank you!

    • Vanna is a crocheter, and has done it her whole life! 🙂

  • Cottonwood Cowl (crochet)/Two Color Slouch Hat (crochet)

    Is there any way that these two patterns could be converted to knitting patterns?

    I realize that Vanna is a crocheter mainly, but us knitters would love to have our fair share of patterns.

  • Looking for Vanna’s Choice Two-for-the—road crochet scarf pattern #80700AD – please & thank you.

  • If you’re going to catch the reader’s eye with a lovely blanket, you should probably include the pattern for that blanket.

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