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1,000 Knitters Project

1,000 Knitters is a photography project developed by Franklin Habit, a Chicago photographer and knitter. He is in the process of creating individual portraits of 1,000 people knitting the same scarf. Some of them are famous knitters and authors, but most of the photographs are of individual knitters who will ultimately become part of a beautiful work of art.

According to the web site “the goal is to celebrate through portraiture a creative community whose members have historically been either overlooked or sentimentalized, and whose work is often undervalued.” Franklin started photographing the series in July 2007. At the end of the project, he hopes to create a book or an exhibit, or both.

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  • I’ve been following Franklin’s progress since he started it. If you haven’t read his blog, I highly recommend it.

  • Thanks for the explanation. The Yarn Harlot is having him come to Toronto for the knit out/her birthday and I wondered what the project was exactly.

  • I also made the tree of life blanket and it turned out beautiful. Very happy with it. Not as difficult as it looked.

  • I am doing the knit along and was wondering if you could post a blown-up picture of the finished afhgan. That way I could see the divideing lines better. I can’t get the pattern and I know if I could see it closer I could tell how it was suppose to be. Thanks,char…..

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