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10 Truths: Knitting and Crocheting Prayer Shawls

"A shawl is like a warm hug."

Giving a prayer shawl to a friend or family member going through a difficult time is an appropriate gesture when there isn’t anything you can do to make their situation better. A handmade knit or crochet gift can offer comfort beyond words and the process can often have the power to heal one's self too.

Over the years we've collected wisdom and insights from our favorite writers on making and giving prayer shawls (sometimes also known as comfort or healing shawls). These four articles below capture the essence of the prayer shawl and offer ten great tips - from patterns to process to the philosophy behind them - this collection is a great starting point for anyone who'd like to learn more about making prayer shawls:

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How have prayer shawls helped you? Share in the comments below!

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  • http://elizabethcole.pro/ kentuckyliz

    I am about to start some prayer shawls and shopped the Homespun sale to buy 4 different colors. I prefer a shawl or wrap rather than a winter coat.

  • pj

    When my mom was sick I started a prayer shawl for her. She passed away before I finished it, but I did finish it. Now whenever I am missing her I wrap up in that shawl and it is like a big hug from my mom.

  • Jeanne

    I also make lap blankets from Homespun. I punch a hole in the label, thread a piece of yarn thru it and attach it to the blanket? Why? Because the label shows that the blanket can be machine washed and machine dried. So important for folks in group homes!

  • Minky

    Just where are the 10 truth that the post's title announced, please?? Really wanted to know as new to the concept of prayer shawls, but disappointed when articles don't deliver what they promise and only feed you with yet more 'related articles' lists. Any help??

  • bertamom

    If you want more info about the prayer shawl ministry, check their website - http://www.shawlministry.com - there are free patterns, prayers to include with your shawls, and LOTS of other great information! Keep in mind - you should never have to pay for a prayer shawl pattern - the ministry was explicitly set up to be free!

  • dragonswing

    This article says nothing!!!

  • Diane Burton-Moroney

    I can't join because they won't accept my email address and password. How I hate all of this officious garbage. :(

  • VegasShopper

    So if I follow all four of the posted links I will find the ten truths or ten tips or whatever it is that this is supposed to be about?

  • Helen

    One of our favorite pastors showed us her prayer shawl and explained the fringes on the ends. Ten fringes for the Ten Commandments and Twelve fringes for the twelve disciples. Now my husband wants a summer prayer shawl for his meditation and reading.

  • Book Squirrel

    I have made two prayer shawls recently for two ladies who suddenly lost their husbands, both ladies found comfort without words.