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10 Projects Inspired by 5 Popular Resolutions

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10 Projects Inspired by 5 Popular Resolutions

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means that millions of us are making resolutions, hoping to make changes big and small to our lives. If you’ve got a resolution, why not support it by pairing it with your favorite hobbies of knitting & crochet?

Here are some projects inspired by some of the most popular resolutions:

Eat Healthier

Bringing your lunch is a great way to have more control over what goes into what you’re eating. Make it easier with a lunch bag like our crochet Greenmarket Lunch Bag or knit Felted Lunch Bag.

Image of Greenmarket Lunch Bag Image of Felted Lunch Bag

Get Fit

If you’ve started going to the gym, consider crocheting yourself this fabulous Circle Dance Bag to hold your gear. Trying out a new dance
class or yoga class? Knit these Stirrup Socks to keep your feet warm.

Image of Circle Dance Bag Image of Stirrup Socks

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you’re committed to using less disposable items in your life, even small steps add up. Crochet a Latte Cozy for your daily dose of caffeine or knit yourself some multi-functional Bright Stripes Dishcloths.


Image of Latte Cozy Image of Bright Stripes Dishcloths

Volunteer to Help Others

In addition to volunteering your time, you can make items to donate, such as prayer shawls like this knit Tender Shawl, as well as baby blankets like this crochet Ripple Baby Throw.

Image of Tender Shawl Image of Ripple Baby Throw

Manage Stress

Set aside time to treat yourself to some rest and relaxation. Put on a little music and enjoy your knitting and crochet! For added comfort knit yourself a Neck Pillow or make an Aromatherapy Eye Pillow (pattern in both knit & crochet) for a little catnap in the afternoon.

Image of Neck Pillow Image of Aromatherapy Eye Pillows
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