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Cold Feet, Warm Heart

Wellfleet 1964

Who knew the Cape could be so cold in June?

This morning she could see her breath. Little puffs of frosty "o's".

He knocked gently on her door.


She shrugged on the sweatshirt someone had thoughtfully left on a chair beside her bed. She stepped out on frozen toes. Too shy to reveal her pain.

But he knew. Of course, he knew. One of the many things she loved about Will was how he knew her.

"Cold feet, warm heart," he said, opening an old steamer trunk. "Cottage Socks, a family tradition."

Cozy Cottage Slipper Socks
Cottage socks. Keep your family's toes as toasty as blueberry muffins, warm from the oven. Knit or crochet, cable or plain janes. Knee high or ankle huggers. You choose. Add a soft suede sole for longer wear.

Wooly and thick. Blue as the ocean.

He slipped them over her stiff feet. Feeling returned to her toes. They padded to the noisy kitchen where his clan had gathered.
She sat down next to Max, his youngest brother. Will brought her a muffin. One of the dozen he retrieved from town while she was still sleeping, snuggled under a musty Hudson Bay blanket.

"Bite carefully," he warned.

Instead she broke the muffin open. And there it was. A glint in a band of gold. A hush waited around her.

"Yes." She kissed Will.

They surrounded her with hugs. She wiggled her toasty toes. Warm feet and wedding bells!

A tale by Agnes Honor Auden.
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is pure coincidental.


Agnes Honor Auden is a life-long yarn lover. She enjoys spinning tales about her favorite yarns and patterns. She lives in a small cottage by the sea where inland and water birds stop by her front porch to gather snips and strands of her violet wool for their nests.

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