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Color Opens Doors

Paris, June 1976

She had been calling her all that spring. Her thesis was due in October and they still hadn't met. And then, suddenly it all was arranged. A date for tea on Tuesday.

What could she bring?A tart? Raspberry, perhaps. What does one bring to the fabulous Eudora Clay--modern dancer and adventurous fashion designer. Friend of many twentieth century legendaries. Darling of salons and cafes. Model for many. Faithful wife and dedicated mother. Eudora seemed to balance work and life. A thoroughly modern woman. Her thesis would tell it all.

"Wear something spectacular," Eudora instructed. Deep in the dusty alcove that served as her closet, hidden in a forest of grays, blacks, and blues was a bold green skirt. The wild card was the shawl. A triangle she had knit in a range of bright colors, odd skeins picked up at the nearby friperie. With a panache she didn't know she possessed, she wrapped it around her waist.

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"Amazing," declared Eudora. "I adore the colors."

Recounting the tale, as she did often whenever even a flicker of interest glowed, my grandmother would mime draping the shawl over the shoulders of the elderly Eudora. Where it remained.

The thesis was abandoned. Another year was spent in Paris and many more afternoons with Eudora, who always wore the shawl. Another year after that one, to write the novel. Eudora's life fictionalized just enough. Love, Art, and Paris, the bestseller that changed my grandmother's life.

"Color opens doors," Grandmother concluded. "And an amazing shawl helps, of course."

A tale by Agnes Honor Auden.
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is pure coincidental.


Agnes Honor Auden is a life-long yarn lover. She enjoys spinning tales about her favorite yarns and patterns. She lives in a small cottage by the sea where inland and water birds stop by her front porch to gather snips and strands of her violet wool for their nests.

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